Here is a 20 min. QuickTime audio file of author Robert Stanley speaking with the Coast to Coast AM radio audience: RADIO SHOW

For those of you that would like to hear the entire interview of Robert M. Stanley by George Noory, please go to:

There are also many amazing D.C. UFO photos posted by Coast to Coast on their web site.


I just want to thank you for sending a copy of your book. It is excellent. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I am proud of you my boy. You did well. Congratulations.

  - Retired Army Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean


I am requesting a copy of your book Close Encounters on Capitol Hill. I was fascinated with all you had to say on the Coast to Coast interview with George Noory. It was the first time I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. to listen to the show. Thank you for having the courage to publish what you know.


Hi Robert,

I moved to D.C. with my second husband. We lived in Prospect House above the Iwo Jima Statue in Arlington. Lot's of Pentagon people there. My husband was with one of the 3 letter agencies. I'll be 80 years old soon. No one mentioned or ever discussed the UFOs over Washington in the '50s. I knew better than to ask.

We lived there in the '70s. Everyone in the building worked for the government. People smiled and nodded, but did not get acquainted with each other. Great program on Coast to Coast last night. Your book will do well. I am also interested in your wife's magazine UNICUS. Is it still available? I am anxious to read your book Close Encounters on Capitol Hill. Please send me a copy soon.



Close Encounters on Capitol Hill is a very well written book that holds your interest. One of the best I have ever read.

Jim Filippi


Las Vegas

Click this link to read a review of Close Encounters on Capitol Hill in UFO Magazine.

Duncan Roads of Nexus Magazine wrote:

So called "alien incursions" into US airspace, especially in the Washington, D.C., area, is the subject of this compelling new book by Robert Stanley, editor of UNICUS magazine based in California. NEXUS readers will be familiar with some of his writings and, most recently the report on a Washington photographer's extraordinary shots of UFOs on the US Capitol Building in 2002 (see NEXUS vol. 12, # 5&6).

Close Encounters on Capitol Hill features an extended interview with the Washington photographer as well as a discussion wiith the photo analyst who confirmed that the negatives and transparencies had not been tampered with. A separate CD comes with the book, featuring photographic evidence not only from this strange 2002 encounter, but also from as recently as 2006 to as far back as 1942. Plus Stanley reports on the unusually growing numbers of UFO sightings in the Washington, D.C., region in the new millennium and compares them with previous waves, the 1952 incursion being most notable. Moreover, he sums up UFO reports form all over the world from before the modern era to as far back as the 17th century — for instance, sightings from 1639 to 1644 over Boston (as he doesn't cites sources, we have to trust he has them!).

Assembled in Stanley's book are interviews with some interesting characters: e.g., former US Command Sergeant-Major Robert O. Dean, seconded to NATO; former CIA operative Derrel Sims and journalist Philip Krapf who recounted some wild tales about alien abductions; lawyer and social activist Daniel Sheehan, who had access to classified US Air Force files and who coments in disclosure issues; and David Adair, who divulges details on alien craft and back-engineering at Area 51 and also his opinion of Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project.

In his conclusion, Stanley exposes the 3,495 largely unexplained violations of Washington, D.C., airspace recorded in just 18 months from early 2003 to mid-2005, supporting the notion that the government is not yet ready for UFO reality disclosure.

Hello Robert,

Great interview on C2C. If I buy your book will you sign it? I'm glad you got into the fly overs after 2001 over D.C. I did hear some news reports that talked about them, they didn't seem to have an explanation and that was the last I ever heard of the stories

Rick (-:

I gladly sign every copy of my book.

As for news reports of UFOs over D.C., this is an ongoing story...stay tuned.

Hello Robert,

We ordered your book today from your website, since it is back up. I imagine you must be getting a good response from Coast to Coast listeners, your show is right up there, with David Adair, James Gilliland, and Steven Greer, for riveting info on this subject. It is a subject always fascinating to me, as my husband and I have had past lives on Sirius.

Best wishes,



I just had a chance to listen to you show on Coast to Coast AM, it was great. I ordered your book and can not wait for the read. I own an embroidery and screen printing company and would like to help you in any way I can with your cosmic concert by doing shirts caps at a reduce cost. Just e-mail on how I my help you with your cause.

P.S. I believe I am being take once a month but I can not prove it, and I am afraid to tell any one about the episodes. I know this sounds like I am crazy and I feel like a fool some times, but your show helped me to feel not so alone. That is way I would like to help your cause.

Thank you,



That was a fantastic show; what Coast to Coast at it's best is all about. I hope it generates new appearances soon. You kept a lot better pace than most guests. Seems like the commercials pop in before most of them have anything to say, and it was pretty obvious that George likes your style and got his interest piqued on quite a few other tales and issues. You're quick and articulate which makes for great radio, and hopefully generates a lot of sales for you too. I'll bet he brings you back soon if he hasn't scheduled you already. Keep it up!


Hi Robert,

Just a quick note to first acknowledge your new book and to congratulate you on all the work and effort you must have gone through to bring it to publication. I can't wait to read it. Secondly, to let you know I heard you on Coast to Coast the other night and was soooo impressed! You are a great speaker and the interview held me spellbound.


Hello Robert,

I listened to your interview on Coast to Coast with great interest, it was terrific. Now I would like to order your book, but your website is down today. Can I order by phone or mail? Thanks for the riveting info,


Apparently I upset someone in the D.C. area. My website was hacked by a software company in Virginia after my apperance on Coast to Coast AM. It took 3 days to move my website to another server. Sorry for the inconvienence.


I heard you on C2C. You have opened my mind - turned it around really. I went to your web site to try to find the book Close Encounters on Capitol Hill, but couldn't find it. Please help me. Look, I've read many books on the UFO subject, but you really gave me a lot to think about. You were such a great guest. I'm going to email George and Art to have you back on their show again.

Thank you.


I will be promoting my book until Fall of 2007.

Hello, Robert,

I am the producer and co-host of Out There Television, a weekly one hour program broadcast in 140 cities across the U.S. and worldwide on the web at

A viewer sent a link to your website, and I think this would make a great topic for one of our shows in 2007. Please send a review copy of your book and a telephone number where we can reach you to set up an interview. At this time, you do not have to travel; we can do the interview by phone using your headshot and any photos or graphics you have to share from the book which are made into "slides" for the viewers. I look forward to hearing from you.


Kate Mucci

Out There Television

I accepted Kate's offer to be interviewed on Out There TV. After the show, Kate wrote:

Hi, Robert

It was a very good show last night, and you've impressed me sufficiently that I'm devoting my next column for UFO mag to your book, and will be doing a blurb in my online column as well. I hope that will help you in your cause. Please send postal address where I can send you a copy of the show, which will begin airing on TV this Saturday (March 3), and repeated for approximately 10 days broadcast. It will be available on-line Thursday, (March 8th). You can send viewers to Out There TV where they can see it free of charge for one week. After that, they will have to subscribe.

Kate Mucci Producer

Out There TV


I enjoyed your guest appearance on C2C a few nights ago. I tape show topics that interest me and just finished with the Friday morning show in which you were on. UFO show topics on C2C is what got me hooked on the show back in the mid-90's and I still enjoy listening to them.


Mr. Stanley,

I listened to your interview on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory the other night and found your topic matter very interesting. I tried to go to your web site and purchase your book but your site will not completely load. Do you know why?


As I explained earlier, someone in Virginia hacked my website. They took down the pictures of UFOs over D.C. and locked me out of the server so I couldn't fix the problem. When I asked tech support to fix the problem, my web site was shut down completely. I quickly moved my site to anther server so people could buy my book.


Please add me to your mailing list. I'm interested in welcoming the ETs to Earth. I was really intrigued by your idea to try signaling the objects like James Gilliland does, and will try it. I had a very close encounter in the top of the Sierras near Tahoe in 1992. I had a huge white-hot sphere rip all over the sky right above me, at 1:00 a.m., in February for about 90 seconds. It hovered, darted all over the place left, came back, then finally, after hovering still right over me, about a mile up, took off straight up, many thousands of miles an hour, in a streak, until it dwindled into a pinpoint among the millions of stars. I have been more and more preoccupied by what the hell the ramifications of that must be. It was one of the very best shows in a long, long time! I hope to hear you again very soon!

Yours truly,



Please send info about how to order your book. Your Coast to Coast interview was one of the very best and most informative I have ever heard in the eight years I have been listening to George and Art. Thanks for your service to humanity.



I enjoyed listening to your show on Coast to Coast AM Thursday evening. It was the first time I ever tuned in the show and left it on for the entire 4 hour period. While viewing the photos provided to the C2Cam site, I noticed one of the objects shown on a July 16, 2002 photo resembles the object shown in the photo I took on October 7, 2006 from the deck right outside my backdoor. I have also included the photos I took immediately before and after shooting this mysterious object or whatever phenomenon it may be so you can see for youself what I was actually attempting to take a picture of in the first place.

You can also see the locations of each of the objects in the sky in relation to the top of the roof of my neighbor's house. I haven't mentioned or sent this photo to anyone, simply because I thought the object couldn't be a UFO due to it's strange shape and seemingly small size. However, I have just started taking phtos so I am less than an amatuer at understanding just about everthing in the digital world.

Also, since I was fortunate enough to have seen a large black triangle (almost too close for comfort) in September, 2002 as we passed one another, seeing something this size doesn't seem to register in my brain that it could be extraterrestrial. In fact, I told my boyfriend, it was most likely some type of homeland security device being used by our local law enforcement agency for keeping eyes out in the neighborhoods in the wee and dark hours of the early morning. Could you please let me know if this is what I'm seeing in the July 16, 2002 photo and if not, your thoughts on what else it could be. It would be greatly appreciated!




I was listening to you on Coast to Coast and was intrigued by what you had to say so curiosity got me and I had the 'ol lady e-mail me the Coast to Coast website as she listens to talk radio all the time and has been there several times anyways to make it short I was checking out those pics and they are awesome but when I clicked on the link with the gif of the 4 together it only showed 2 image places with the dreaded red x in the corner so I went on to your webiste and almost every one of the graphics there do the same thing.

You sounded pretty sharp on the radio so I was wondering if you could tell me how to get the pics to load as it's hard to navigate the site when you can't see anything and I'm gonna order the book and cd but will have to do it by mail as I can't see how to use the credit card there nor check out the magazine. I was wondering as you kinda joked about a visit from the men in black, if they migfht be screwing up the functioning of the site somehow ? Anyways thanks and keep digging for the truth. best wishes,


The truth is stranger than fiction. The fact is, someone didn't like the fact that I was showing and telling people about the hidden history of Washington, D.C.


I must say, although we didn't capture the entire show, YOU are the most provactive and interesting informat on UFO's I've ever hearrd. I'd love to subscribe to your magazine and/or book but I'm pulling up NO PIXS on site. You are being rebroadcast now on my local Florida station so maybe your site is down. Please let me know what to do. I'd love to get your book/mag for my husband for the holidays. You're the greatest; stay safe; we need people like you though I'm not sure I'd try to contact if I saw a "saucer" since you said 1/3 are good, 1/3 are bad and 1/3 are either - odds aren't that great! Ha-Ha!!




Nice show on coast to coast last night. In looking at your picture of the unmarked black helicopter, I wouldn't worry. While I have no idea whatsoever of who exactly makes up those who are supposed to ride around in 'unmarked black helicopters', I'll bet you a dollar to a bag of poop that whoever they are, they certainly have a more recent technology than the old Hueys.

In looking at this pic as closely as I can focus, I don't even see the more advanced exhaust nozzles of the November models (dual exhaust, generally squared). Frankly, this looks like a vietnam era H-model chopper. I sure know about those; I rode in enough of them over two tours there. Anyway, take that for whatever it might be worth.


Hey Mr. Stanley,

I'm a longtime Coast to Coast listener, and I really enjoyed your interview on the show last night. I was particularly intrigued by your comments regarding relatively frequent UFO activity in locations on the east coast of the United States. I live on the east coast, and your interview sparked the curiousity of my roommate and me. We want to see UFOs :)

Do you have any suggestions for links to websites or other sources that may have graphical representations of UFO sightings over the past few years, maybe organized month-by-month? I'd like to have some stuff to analyze, just to be able to get a feel for when this kind of stuff is most likely to happen and where. Is that kind of information even extant, or is the activity pretty random and hard to predict? Good luck with the book.



I heard you on coast to coast the other night. Wow, what a wonderful show. Did you write the book you spoke of Close Encounters on Capitol Hill? I would like to buy that book, please let me know how that would be possible and the price.

Thanks in advance.


Glad you liked the show. Yes, I am the author of Close Encounters on Capitol Hill.

It only costs $30.00 and can be ordered at the bottom of this web page.


Please tell me how to purchase your book Close Encounters on Capitol Hill. You did a terrific job on Coast to Coast. Wish you well.


Hi Robert,

I enjoyed the Coast to Coast showÉI listened for 2 hours of it, but being past my beddy bye I turned it off during the 1am commercial. Thank you for sharing this very fascinating subject to a secular base. For the time I listened I was glued to the radio program and I admire your articulate language and candor.


Hello Robert,

This morning before work I listened to part of the Coast to Coast AM show and heard a few minutes of you answering calls from the listeners. I have tried to view your website but am unable to do so. The e-mail link appears to be working, so I thought I would let you know about my problem. I would be interested to see what you have on your site. Please let me know if there has been a problem on your end and when it has been corrected.

Thank you.


The problem has been corrected for now. However, there is still the larger issue of how to deal with an ongoing Cosmic Coverup of alien incursion in Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Stanley,

I heard you on Coast to Coast AM last night/this morning. You mentioned one can only get your book & CD by contacting you through your web site. Please respond with the price and mailing address for ordering. Thank you for the program... I was very interested in what you had to say... and you are very credible. [Can you tell me if there's any way I might get a copy of the broadcast?] Thanks again...


The book is for sale on this web site. Go to the top of this page to hear a sample of my radio interview on Coast to Coast AM or to order a copy of the entire 3 hours.

Hi Robert!

Great show on Coast to Coast AM. That subject matter has fascinated me ever since I read "Chariots of the Gods" while in high school and I am now reading Sitchin's trilogy - book #4. Soon or later all this has to make sense, hopefully in my lifetime. Keep up the great work.



WOW! What a dummy I am for not realizing this sooner. Donald Keyhoe wrote of an astronomer at a Flagstaff AZ observatory in (I think 1953) who was photographing Mare Cryseum on a daily basis. One day he observed a straight-line object 12-miles long and 1.5-miles wide. Spectrographic analysis showed it to be metallic. Two weeks later, it had disappeared! Photographing different energy. WOW! Maybe that explains weird scenes that don't exist in our reality. Maybe also ghosts. What a show. Great job on C2C.



We would like to invite you to be a guest on our show. You can see our site at We are currently booking for April. Please let us know if you would be interested.


J. Scott


I listened to the show with George Noory last night, and was impressed with your intimate knowledge of UFO and GOVT. coverup. I had a good UFO sighting in Southern California near the border in late '80s. I watched a UFO pulse back and forth with pulsing verticle lines at an extremely high altitude. I'm ex-military and current law enforcement. I've seen a lot of cool technology in my career and there's no way it was one of ours. Interesting about the UFOs over Washington. It figures though. We make a big noise on this world. Someones going to check it out sooner or later.




This is something I have known intuitively for some time. Is the Masonic-ET info. mentioned in your current book Close Encounters on Capitol Hill, or one of the upcoming books that has it?


This rather sensitive subject is touched on briefly in my book Close Encounters on Capitol Hill. I reveal more about this in my upcoming novels Mystic Malibu and 333.


Llittle white dots??? little colored dots??? probably photos of: 1) birds reflecting intense light off the Capitol bldg. 2) reflections 3) moisture on the lens 4) birds/bugs closer to the lens than the buildings. c'mon...these aren't even viable images of gates? energy signatures? what a disappointment.



That was a great program last night! I am so glad George had you on his show. Back in late '40s or maybe early '50s, my mother was waiting for the train at the Hillsdale station to go to San Francisco to work. A large, cigar shaped ufo came into sight. I wondered for years if they were true, but if my mother saw one I believe it. She had all the commuters as witness to this thing and the most believeable person present was Gen. Stillwell!

Another time she and my step-dad were driving back to San Mateo from their place in Palm Springs when she looked out the window and saw a large cigar shape almost following them alongside as they drove along. I think this was the early '60s. She amused everyone over the years because she kept looking up at the sky to see if she could see another one. She never did but always wanted to. She even began to think of things to say to them and how to say it! I see you are near my "old home town" .

I lived for years in Torrance and Redondo Beach when I worked at TRW. The engineers I worked with knew a lot about those things. We were in a highly classified TS project and I felt so lucky to have that wonderful job with all those great people who knew what I was talking about if the subject of ufos came up! I met lots of the men from the Pentagon as we worked very closely with them on Reagan's SDI project. We were always in touch with NASA, Goddard, and various places and at times they would talk about their sightings. Anyway. thanks for a great visit. I'll bet you get jillions of e-mails after that! I wish I could see one!

Great show.



Great show. You kept me awake all night!! Is there much documented UFO activity in the Detroit area?


Good Morning Robert,

I've just viewed your pictures from your book and CD. I have only one thing to say, WOW!! AMAZING!! Keep up the good work and research, its time for the U.S. government and all other governments from around the world to come clean and admit that we have and are still being visited by UFOs and ETs.

Thank you very much!



I caught your radio show and I never had a serious discussion with anyone about the topics that you discussed on the show. I found it interesting because as a child I have always created these theories of the unknown naturally like ETs, UFOs and outer space.

One was the deep ocean and why there are still vast depths unexplored. Its just I have always felt the keys to the universe are here on earth and what better places than the unexplored levels of the earth that some founding being knew we would be to inferior to find before we destroy ourselves. I would greatly appreciate if you commented on part of my theory and maybe gave me your insight about that subject.






I have seen other pictures of UFO's taken by another person than the one you mentioned. He was retired from Time Life magazine and lived in the Cleveland Heights section of D.C. I lived there for over 30 years and believe my friend Gayle Houston of Magic Impressions introduced me to this guy. I will spend the next few days looking into this for you, I believe as of last su- mmer during a visit he was still living. i seem to recall his name was Mario or something like that. Really enjoyed your appearance on Mr. Norry's show.



Thanks for helping in my ongoing investigation. It is about time all the facts of this story are made public.

Hello Mr. Stanley,

I heard you on Coast to Coast DEC.7 and was amazed with your interview.What I need to bring to your attention is that all the talk of the so called UFOs . I need for you to do some research on a man by the name of Master Fard Muhammad and also Elijah Muhammad and what Master Fard taught Elijah. It is never talked about in the public or media but really needs to be addressed today.All that needs to be learned about whats going on today with this government Master Fard taught Elijah who taught Malcolm X and also Louis Farrakhan.It is not racist for Master Fard Muhammad was a white man and also prophet Muhammad who talked to the angel in the cave was a white man. Sorry for sloppy letter and may GOD bless you.



IF its true that the Red Barron shot down a UFO that would explain their 1st attempt at making a disc and their work in AG way ahead of the rest of the world. It was said that their disc acted more like a time machine than a device of flight and that makes sense because it (the German version) does no have a upper dome reaction chamber.



Mr. Stanley,

I am impressed with all the information you gave out to this ignorant world of ours, yet, I feel I ought to read something more about the D.C. UFO sightings. Can you enlighten me a bit? I do plan to buy and read your book Close Encounters on Capitol Hill.



I am certain the answers you seek are in my book. But feel free to contact me again if you have any questions.

Dear Producer for Coast to Coast,

Robert Stanley was an incredible guest and I highly recommend his reappearance for an entire show on JW and the topic of aliens living among us and the "empire vs the federation of free worlds" subject. The UFO sighting stuff is cool but has been addressed for 1000s of hours on C2C already. This related topic much less so and I hope we can hear this wonderful, articulate guest explore this in the near future.

Best wishes,


Although it is appreciated, I did not solicite this endorsement.


Too many "ums", "ahs", and "you knows" when you were talking on Coast to Coast radio broadcast this morning. No "I don't know."



Mr. Stanley,

I have been listening to you on C2C and you are a great guest, everybody at the NightHawk Zone is really enjoying this. Please get George to have you back soon.




i first heard this from William Cooper, and since then have kept an ear open. Whenever someone starts dinging Masons for being involved in the New World Order, George gets pretty fidgety and testy. One of the tests I apply to C2C guests is how non p.c. they are. Coast definately tows the p.c. line. You pass level one with the Mason comment. Looking fwd to purchasing the book Close Encounters on Capitol Hill.


Hello Robert,

Fascinating show with George C2C. Augie Roberts was a good friend and a regular on my own show in NY back in the '60s. In his book "UFO Photographs-2", there is a reference to the Capitol photo of July 29, 1952. The name associated with it is M. Jean Sider. In their remarks, it states that critics claim the image was caused by lens flares from Capitol lights.



Your idea for a Cosmic Concert is absolutely brilliant. Can you imagine how powerful that would be to have thousands of people in one place collectively inviting { the good guys }. I hope it happens soon. Really enjoying your talk.


Hey Robert,

Just catching your show on C2C tongiht and I love your idea of having a concert to promote ET education and the welcoming of benevolent ETs. I just opened my mind in the past few months to the possiblity of ETs. I did a ceremony with a friend requesting to know more about ETs. My friend took a photo minutes after our opening intentions and look who showed up to say hello!

Why are people so afraid? I just don't get it! I find it fascinating. Are you friends with Dr. Stephen Greer? Just finished his book. I will have to get yours too! I am continuing to listen to you on C2C! I agree! White Shirts and Dark Shirts! Awesome! So refreshing to hear you! There are sane people in this world! Thanks so much for your work. Keep me posted on your upcoming concert/event! Will review your website tomorrow!



Hello Robert,

I am listening to your interview on C2C as I write this. Great material! You just mentioned a concert you would like to have as a peaceful overture to ET. I would be interested in that and have attached a song from my latest album, "Phantasmagloria" called New Mexico. It is of course inspired by the story of the Roswell crash and has some interesting audio samples in it which you will recognize. The musicians on my album were top notch and have played with many artists you would know.

I would like to offer this song to you for use as you wish. I only want credit and a link to my website or ITunes where it is available for sale. Like yourself and George I am a lifetime ufo buff as well and even host my own internet paranormal show which I would love to have you on as a guest sometime. Derrel Sims was on just about a month ago. I have also hosted Jim Marrs, Michael Salla, Jason Martell, and more. I have included links below to my music websites and the Dark Matter pages as well. Please take a look and get back to me when you can. I am in the North Hollywood area. Keep up the great work!




Thank you so much for writing the book Close Encounters on Capitol Hill! Like everyone else out there who has witnessed a strange object in the sky my life changed after my first sighting in Lawndale, California in 1993. I would be happy to tell you my story.


Dear Mr. Stanley,

I'm sitting here listening to Coast to Coast A.M. I don't know if I can honestly believe everything you are talking about, but I do find it very interesting. If you would be able to possibly provide me with more information that would be great. I am 25 and I live in Anaheim, CA . I've been a UFO skeptic for years now, but the last few weeks I have seen some strange things both on the ground and in the skies. So, if you would be able to provide me with more information that would be great. I hope to hear back from you soon.




I listened to you tonight on C2C with George Noory. I like what you were discussing, although I believe UFO's to be either Sons of God or Fallen Angeles. I am also sure our very secretive government knows who these fallen angels are and have been "working" with them since the 1930s or even before then. Who really knows, right? Have you ever listened to Dr.Chuck Missler or read any of his articles on the Nephelim or Sons of God/Daughters's of Man? If not, here are some links to his website and articles. God bless you and I hope you and your family are taking precausions because as you have seen, our government does not "F***" around - especially with UFO information getting out.



I had to e-mail you after hearing the most recent caller and your wife (about projecting thoughts). What happened to me about a month ago has freaked me out and I really want to get your suggestions about whether I should attempt it or not. I was laying in bed just trying to fall asleep. I kept projecting thoughts such as "I want to go somewhere. I want to see something I'm not supposed to see. I would just close my eyes and concentrate those thoughts as hard as I could. I soon fell asleep and had a dream.

The dream consisted of me and 2 other people that were standing on what seemed to me like the side of a castle deep in the mountains, watching 2-3 UFOs for what felt like hours. That was the entire dream, just sitting there watching the UFOs because we were so fascinated. After waking up I was just dumbfounded.

My question is, can all the alien races read these mental thoughts? I know you said the Nordics can. I'm a little freaked out at what happened and have never sent out thoughts of contact with ETs before I've gone to sleep. I want your advice as to whether or not I should continue? This is a serious question. If you say I should to see if I can maybe make a conversational contact, I will. But if you think I might get visited by beings I might not enjoy, I won't. Thanks for reading this long e-mail.


Greetings Robert,

Based on my experiences with this phenomena, you have put this together quite well. You are one of the best. I am up studying for a final at 8:00 am. However, interestingly enough, I am from Kentucky like your ET friend JW. I have had multiple sightings. In fact, the last one occured two days ago. My opinions would certainly take up to much space here. The object I saw looked exactly like the one that appears in your photos with four lights. My journey has included multiple interactions and abductions and being led to locations by them for implementation of a timescale I have become aware of recently.

Also in light of JW; my father worked in the Pentagon for army intelligence. Yet, he just died from a rare form of Leukemia, which was only documented one other time and it was in Greece. When he died his military experience was praised by the senate of which I have documentation. If you would like to learn more about this story feel free to e-mail me. I have been waiting to talk to someone since day one. Imagine a government program which places these children with surrogate families. I have much documentation of my abilities. The most recent was a contact with a being that guided me to a specific place of which was caught on camera. My techniques are getting more refined. I would love to read your book Close Encounters on Capitol Hill when I get chance.




Why do you think UFOs are really here? Just because of the potential threat we impose? I have this idea that they are here to look for something that will be commonly known soon. With the reported and the little evidence we have, the power systems they have are possibly dangerous to things outside of them as they operate nearby, maybe with radiation, or some wave length that is harmful, etc. They know a break through will be out soon, but they do not have the details. So they observe for now. They need this break through in technology, as all others do too, especialy if they are stuck using dangerous power systems. I'll be looking for your book Close Encounters on Capitol Hill.


Dear Robert,

I really appreciated your show on Coast on the 7th of December. You showed first class historical concepts and top class reporting. I am somewhat older than you, 59, and witnessed a UFO in the early '60s in Oregon. I already had a lifelong passion for the study of the phenomenon. I believe it is a travesty of unimaginable proportions the way the government has tar babied this most important imposition from outside reality. I was very young when the first UFO "flap" occurred over D.C. in 1952. The declaration of a worm hole I feel is really supposition. Physics would more likely reveal a warp of spacetime unlike gravity, but more dimensional in nature.

As for the radiation, I feel that is has to do with electrogravitics because of the sometimes related spinning of magnetic compasses. A black hole would perform a strain on spacetime for too large a dimension and would affect both atmosphere and close ground objects because of the inverse relation to distance. The Cherenkov radiation would always be blue, and since UFOs come in all colors it limits that premise. The two functions seem closely related because of our ignorance of the theories involved. I do believe that sometimes they have nefarious schemes because of the cattle mutilations. That leaves me very suspect of their taking people for other planet colonization.

They would hide this because we would certainly shoot first before asking questions if we knew this was going on. The response of animals would indicate this has been occuring for millenia. And animals don't like them, as we probably shouldn't. We are the ones who made up the term, "do no harm to virginal cultures", and we certainly arn't good at that when meeting up with primitive cultures. I feel it is a totally uncontrollable meeting, and they are in charge, without a care for our feelings or compunctions. That said, they could be a quantum fluctuation in spacetime displaying a possibility of our future selves, not a collapse of the wave function to our reality. This would be somewhat akin to the Loch Ness Monster, or Big Foot. I don't believe they really exist in our spacetime, but visit briefly and are real enough while here.


Dear Robert,

I heard you on Coast To Coast last evening/early this morning. It was a wonderful interview/show. I was very surprised to hear you and George Noory talking about there being four different types or species of aliens and where their bases possibly are here on Earth.

Many years ago, I was told by a former or retired NASA chemical engineer, Dr. Robert "Wally" Spencer, (who I used to work for) that he was told by a friend who had some connection with Area 51, that there are 4 different alien species and they are stationed at Area 51. He said they were underground there. I'm not very familiar with UFOs and the history that surrounds them and their visits to the Earth and with human beings. You and George basically said what Wally had told me. It sorta freaked me out. I had worked at ASARCO Silver Bell (Silverbell) Mine which is about an hour northwest of Tucson and very close to Pinal Air Field or Base which has a large number of these black helicopters you were also talking about last night. One night I was parked with my work truck on a small mountain top over looking Avra Valley.

I was smoking a cigarette so I had the window rolled down because we weren't supposed to smoke inside the work truck. I was sitting there minding my business when suddenly I was flashed with what appeared to be a flood light from the sky above me. I did not hear the sound of anything mechanical such as a motor or swishing helicopter blades from above. I had told my supervisor and he said that it was one of the black helicopters that flashed me and the truck from above. I told him I didn't hear anything and he told me that they could be silent. Is this true about the black helicopters, can they be absolutely silent when they are in flight or hovering over you? I had seen something strange out at Silver Bell sometime before that up in the sky at night.

Out there at the mine you can see a great deal in the sky during the night because its a distance away from the city and all the lights. The meteorite showers are fantastic! I was sitting facing north of the mine at the North truck shop and I saw something fly in formation in the shape of an "L" backwards and suddenly disappear from sight. About a month and a half ago I watched a documentary on TV, I thought it was the History Channel about pilots and astronauts who had reported seeing UFOs while in flight. They had film footage of alien space craft following the astronauts they played in the documentary and a female who was part of the crew had reported seeing an alien space craft following them and said so and then they had cut the rest of the conversation off. Only the part where she stated that the alien was following them had gotten out accidentally, they said in the documentary. I forgot her name but I'm certain you know who this was and the incident and the film footage.

It is great film footage, very freaky to watch. They spoke about many incidents where pilots had witnessed seeing UFOs while in flight. Another one that really made an impression was this Japanese pilot who had encountered three or more aggressive UFOs on a flight from Japan to Alaska. You said that you wanted to get this film footage from Disney. So I wanted to let you know that I had seen the UFO in flight following the astronauts in this documentary, maybe this is what you were speaking of last night on Coast To Coast,

I'm looking forward to buying your book Close Encounters on Capitol Hill after the first of the New Year. I'm broke this month from the holidays. I really enjoyed the radio show last night. I'm also thanking you in advance for your time and consideration in answering my question about the black helicopters.


Mr. Stanley,

I when to thoth web and saw many pictures of the different types of alien races. I was wondering if there are a group of people that meet and talk with these aliens that are nice? If you know of anyone that is doing this please let me know. I am very interested. I saw two aliens a few years ago that came to a mufon meeting. I know some things that are really true and the goverment tried to make it look like a lie. If you know where we can go to meet with the aliens please call me.



Mr. Stanley,

My journey has included multiple interactions and abductions and being led to locations by them for implementation of a timescale. I have become privy recently. Also in light of JW; my father worked in the Pentagon for army intelligence. Yet he just died from a rare form of Leukemia, which was only documented one other time and it was in Greece. When he died, his military experience was praised by the Senate of which I have documentation. If you would like to learn more about this story feel free to e-mail me.



You and your wife are probably aware of my illustrations. IÕve got a database that you might find of use. Your chronology can be of help to me. IÕm going public with a new BBT sighting over Goldfield, Arizona at 0202, 16 NOVEMBER 2005 in the International MUFON UFO Journal. Interesting show, your wifeÕs experience in Peru might actually be a good source of material to illustrate.

William Louis McDonald

Sr., Private Investigator / Forensic Illustrator / Concept Designer

Argonaut-Grey Wolf Productions,


Three-and-a-half years ago, I was given an insight from four clouds. The first one shined a light on me. The funny thing is before it got to me it explained everything it was about to do. The big thing is, they did not want me to be scared. I felt a mist under my eyes and I glowed for three days afterwards. I have been doing everything, that they have wanted me to do. I have kept records, pictures, artifacts, ect. I can explain things that man cannot.

You must hear me out, because something is about to happen. I was given a key. Please contact me. Then I will go on with overwhelming evidence. I believe there is a portal. I was contacted on my 28th birthday. I have touched people that were dying of cancer. After that they were fine. There is a list of these people. I have also brought peopl out of a coma.



I listened to your interview with George Noory on: Coast To Coast. You did indeed present a lot of Information that the vast majority have not heard before. I feel that George is pretty much under the watchful eye of his program managers and is also becoming a bit ego invested. He didn't use to be that way in past years, but fame and recognition has it's impact. Anyway, there is so much that is hidden and won't come out for a long time, if ever, under this regime or the next two following. Some of the human race are awakening, but few, not many, can intelligently grasp it. But there are inroads being made, and that is what counts.


Hello Robert,

I live in Montreal, Canada. When you related the "Alien's" to the Mason's, you gave me the largest epiphany I've ever had. The second of course being...Finding out about the Mason's and seeing the overview of Dubai for the first time. I am writting to you out of curiosity and anxed that you might be able to answer my questions.The first being; 1) I will be graduating from CDI College in Web Design( Creating Websites ) in the beginning of January at which time I will be starting a project on "UFO sittings", "Close Encounters" and collective thoughts and theories on this incredible topic. My question to you is towards January would you be willing to answer a few questions with the intention of setting spreading the knowledge of what you and others have seen? 2) If you need help with your current website, I would be very willing to help you in any way you please ( To the extent of my knowledge ). Thank you very much for your time.




I was listening to your awesome interview, December 7, 2006, with George Noory and am very interested to learn/read more about the 333 reference you had mentioned. Over the last 14 years, I have had daily occurrences of seeing the sequence of numbers 11:11 and 333 and often wonder what they mean/symbolize. My sister and I also had an up-close UFO sighting back in the late '60s that changed our lives and the way we view the universe. We definitely are not alone in this universe! Any information you can provide that might pull it all together for me regarding the 333 would be greatly appreciated! Again, great interview. I really enjoyed listening to both you and George.


Hi Mr. Stanley,

I heard bits and pieces of the coast to coast show the other night. You were saying something about your wife and the number 333 and how it was an energy signature. Can you direct me as to where I can get more information on this topic? For about 3 weeks now, I have been inundated with 444, 222 and 333. It seems that every time a digital clock is on 2:22, etc., i happen to look at it. It seems that my eyes are drawn to these triplets, whether on the clock or somewhere else. I am sorry this is so long, but

I have one other thing I would like to share with you. Starting in the winter and continuning through the fall of 2005, I regularly saw a small blue sphere of light outside my house. I even showed some of my friends. It was the strangest thing. It was as if it was watching me and it knew when we were watching it because it would try to hide. The thing pulsed kind of like a firefly does, except it had an extremely regular period. I had also seen one of these at another location about 2 years before this one showed up at my house. I had chalked it up as being a solitary, brilliant blue firefly with intelligence. But now I am thinking it was something else entirely. Can you help me figure this out? Thank you very much for any info or direction you can give me.


Dear Mr. Stanley,

I was wondering if you know of any groups or organizations that can contact the ETs when ever they want to talk to them, I am interested in contacting them and learning from them about how we can save our earth. I do know that thy have contacted several people here already to help, with this problem, and they are very concerned about the earth write now. I listened to Art Bell the other night with a special guest that told about what he remembers about why they are here, and I also know there are bad ones too. I would not want to be in contact with them, but we as a people that live here have to get some kind of help from them to try to stop all the bad and evil things that do go on here.

I know quite a bit about some of them, but I have not met with them. I would like to meet your alien friend that is here also. I'll bet he is very knowledgeable about what is going on here and what we can do ourselves to help. I am a very honest person and when I am told not to tell things I never do, tell anyone, my daughter is physich, and has been since she was very young. She is a indigo child, and is a very old soul for her young age of 15 years old. She is a very wonderful soul and very much loved by all who meet her. She was always said to be a ray of sunshine wherever she is. She brings love and happiness everywhere she goes. I home school her and she has also taught me things too.

Love and blessings to you and your family at this Christmas time.


Hello Mr. Stanley,

I listened to your interview on Coast to Coast am, and found it very interesting. I had a few questions to ask. You were mentioning something about a nasal implant, well when I was young say between 10-14 I had nose bleeds all the time. Then back in 2003, I was in the hospital with meningitis, the doctor informed me after a CAT scan that I have a cyst in my nasal passage. I never thought anything of this until I listened to your interview. I am wondering if you have any insight or maybe my imagination is running wild.

Secondly, I work two jobs and am a full time college student. Last week 12/7 actually, I was working road construction at about 0230. We saw this streak of light that maybe took a fraction to pass above us in the sky. We were eastbound on I-80 near Reno, NV/ Lake Tahoe area. We all saw this thing, and kind of wrote it off as a meteor (shooting star). But it was lower and appeared bigger than any shooting star I have seen before.

I also have worked for a commercial airline as a ramper and customer service agent for the past 3 1/2 years, I've seen a lot of different types of aircraft. I'm no expert but this thing moved way to fast to be any kind of military or civil aviation that I've seen. Again if you have any insight or again I could be delusional. Other than that I would like to say that I enjoyed the information and ideas you brought forward on the radio the other night. I am planning on reading your book.

Thanks for your time,


Hello Robert Stanley,

I am an avid listener of Coast-to-Coast AM and heard your interview with George Noory. I believe during the interview someone's wife took a trip to Peru that promised ufo sightings. What trip was that? Do they still have vacation packages? Any help you could provide would be useful. I would like to take that trip.



Hey Bob,

Great job. Takes a lot of guts to go through with something like this.


Hey Robert,

Thanks for a delightful program with George Noory. Listen, I don't want a damned thing from you, I'm just telling you congratulations for an excellent program. Sorry nobody is available to hear what you really said. I'm fed up with George Noory. I have sent that man so much information from Prime Creator Source, and he's never even given me the time of day. And of course, because I really AM Prime Creator Source, in the detail, for yet a little while, it doesn't make a damn to me whether he ever corresponds or not, because we're doing this in a vastly different way than George even has the brain capacity to understand is possible in the first place. However, your interview with him, and in particular your relationship with JW, allows me to write you this letter at all. Congratulations great man. You've got the whole enchildada. You are quite entirely right with your consideration that there are good and bad ETs.



Great job on Coast to Coast the other night. You've definitely got the word out about skywatching over here in stuffy old D.C. It explains that satellite that wasn't a satellite I saw here a while back. I heard you mention a project you were workng on called, I thought, cosmic concerts. I couldn't access the website you mentioned in the singular or plural. Some of our tunes address exopolitics, etc., although we try not to obsess on it (publicly, anyway). If you need any sonic assistance let us know. You can visit our website to get more info about us.

Take Care,


Dear Robert,

Thank you for your generosity in sending me a copy of your book, Close Encounters on Capitol Hill. It just came in the mail yesterday, so I haven't had time to get too far into it, but it has gripped me from the very beginning. I'm sure that I will continue to enjoy it as I read it to the very end.

I wish you the best of luck with it and hope it sells well and makes a lot of money for you and more importantly opens some minds and changes some lives. That, I'm sure, is the ultimate goal and one worth pursuing. For what nobler calling is there than to seek to enlighten others and to make the world a better place for all.

Congratulations on your accomplishment.


Philip H. Krapf

Dear Mr. Stanley,

I heard you on Coast to Coast AM the other night. I heard you say your wife wrote a book called "333." I tried various web sites in the Internet including your UNICUS site, but could find nothing about this book. Could you help me? I would be interested in reading about your wife's experiences.



Dear Robert,

Many thanks for the very beautiful book. In Close Encounters on Capitol Hill you have done a fine job of collecting lots of information and putting it together in a meaningful way. I had no idea that there was so much UFO activity around Washington, D.C. The cover of your book is most appealing. It is certain to persuade people to pick it up and look inside. I think you did a great job.

Wendelle Stevens


You have done a wonderful job reporting on a very difficult subject. In writing this book, you took on a challenge of the first order and achieved your goal with integrity, voracity, and with great running strides around the obstacles. A literary touchdown!



Close Encounters on Capitol Hill is one of the most fascinating books I have read. It is slowly tying together all the loose ends in my studies. Great job! I would like to order another copy and send it to a friend.



Close Encounters on Capitol Hill is well researched and documents the fact that UFOs have been interacting with Earth's inhabitants for a long time. Apparently, they are still flying freely over the nation's capital with complete disregard for its restricted/prohibited airspace. Your book puts substantial pressure on our leaders to stop hiding the fact that we are not alone in the Universe.



I just received your bookClose Encounters on Capitol Hill. It is truly fascinating. I can't seem to put it down. It's about time the truth came out. I was especially interested in Chapter Nine - Earthbound Extraterrestrials - where you mentioned meeting a human ET named "JW." I was curious to know if there is a web site I can visit to learn more about his travels to Peru?


Dear Mr. Stanley,

This e-mail has no relation to my occupation or the Office where I work. In other words, it is in no way "official". I live very near Washington, D.C., and very much enjoyed your recent show on Coast To Coast.

Just a suggestion on how you can move your cause forward and force the disclosure to the public, your idea with the [cosmic] concert notwithstanding. Have your ET friend (I think you called him J.W.) give you a piece of his hair and have his DNA analized in the lab. If the DNA turns out to be non-human, then you will know for sure he is telling you the truth. You do not have to disclose his identity - you could have found the hair in a public bathroom, and you took it because a stranger was, well, strange-looking.

The disclosure has not happenned since nobody has this type of HARD EVIDENCE. With this kind of hard evidence you will go down in history as the first man who established a contact and befriended an extra-terrestrial and forced the disclosure of ET existance to the public. Future generations will build you monuments in every country of the world and your home will be converted to a museum.

What do you think about my suggestion? I you care to reply, please let me know what travel agancy offers trips to the ET base in Peru. I would very much like to go tomorrow and see it for myself.

Thank you.


Patent Examiner

Mr. Stanley,

I have been studying the UFO phenomenon for quite a number of years. I have witnessed a UFO and I have friends who have seen and witnessed events. I have been reading some of your reports on Capitol Hill. I feel you are right on the dot regarding these sightings and photo images.

Have you looked into Steven Greer's work on the Disclosure project? His book just out "Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge" is exceptional. I am sure you could help Steven with your vast Knowledge we need to get this suppresed information released out into the public domain, it's gone on too long now. People like yourself are the one's to push this along. Please do your best as there can be a better world it's only just out there. Thanks a lot for your great work so far Robert.

Take care.


Queensland Australia

Greetings Robert!

Thank you for sharing your apperance on Out There TV with me. It is a shame that you could not get that piece on one of the bigger TV stations. It explains the there is no such thing as UFOs agenda most definitely. Seems like the conversation did mention that a trojan horse had been given to a country, but I assumed that it was in the middle east since the rupture of violence. Now even President Eisenhower's warning about the military makes sense. By the way, on some program on the History Channel I saw a scope of papers that has a clause that stated if the enity revealed what they knew immediate imprisonment. Is that the paper they are making military people sign?

Keep up the struggle and thank you again for letting me know what you have validated.



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