The Monuments of Mars

By Richard C. Hoagland

Still one of the finest books available on extraterrestrial archaeology to date, The Monuments of Mars shows us that there are undeniable artifacts pointing to our ancient origins in this solar system. This is a thrilling and inspiring story of discovery, as Hoagland investigates the incredible cosmic clues that lay waiting for mankind to find on Mars. What is even more fascinating is the direct correlation’s that have been located here on earth. Monuments such as Stonehenge, Avebury in England, the Sphinx and Pyramids in Egypt all have been built within a mathematical universal constant equation. The same set of figures can be measured in the geometry found on the planes of Cydonia on Mars. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to know all the basic facts, and some advanced research about possible future discoveries waiting to be made on Mars. As Arthur Clark once wrote, "There can be little reasonable doubt that, ultimately, we will come into contact with races more intelligent than our own. That contact may be one-way, through the discovery of may even be face-to-face. But it will occur, and it may be the most devastating event in the history of Mankind."

(North Atlantic Books, 1987)

The Conspirators Hierarchy: The Committee of 300

By Dr. John Coleman

Dr. John Coleman is a career British Intelligence officer and a very fine author. While serving as a political science officer in Angola, West Africa, Dr. Coleman was shocked by secret information he acquired. Although Dr. Coleman was already aware of most of the world's existing secret societies, he discovered a highly secure group - a super secret committee that quietly controlled the world from behind the scenes. A global power network based on drugging and controlling the masses that are forced to live under despotism. The Committee Of 300 are the harbingers of the New World Order. A ruthless covert bureaucracy that will stop at nothing to retain control over this planet's population and resources. Dr. Coleman's work continues even though he has suffered and his life has been threatened. It has been said that the truth is stranger than fiction, and this is no exception. No matter how difficult it is to believe, the truth must be told.

(Joseph Publishing Company, 1992)

Spaceship Conspiracy

By George Knap

George Knap was born in British Columbia, Canada and has lived his life as an inventor and business man. According to Knap, his concept of a new and improved orbital space propulsion was never openly accepted by the big governmental space agencies. In fact, he tells an intriguing tale of political pitfalls that he has endured along his road to discovery. After Knap went to the U.S. to patent his idea, he later discovered that the U.S. military was using his concepts for their Star Wars program. Although his designs are very mechanical, there is a very simple naturally pulsing movement designed into his system. This book is a thoughtful account of one man's vision and later invention, which could have a positive impact on the future of space technology and travel.

(Knap Publishing, 1991)

An Angel Came

By Richard Schultz

This book is a collection of heavenly inspired, poetic conversations between an earthling man and a female angel. As Richard Schultz recalls, "Interrupting my restless sleep, an angel's face appeared. I had removed myself from life in a small corner expressing and sharing very little of myself. The angel asked me to relax for a moment, her gentle eyes peered questioningly. She asked me of my fears, her heart beckoning me to open up to her love. I told her that I had been afraid. That years ago I had envisioned a beautiful picture of my life. I saw the wholeness of love, my soul, permeating the souls of others. But, I had strayed off my life's path, and remnants of memories were all that existed, memories that were penned into hundreds of pages. The angel then urged me to bring my manuscript to her. The world will benefit greatly from the loving and spiritual inspiration that is written into every page of this book.

(OutBack Insides Publishing, 1993)

Secret Vows

By Bert & Denise Twiggs

An amazing story of a seemingly ordinary couple named Denise and Bert Twiggs who have become entangled in a four-way relationship with extraterrestrials from Andromeda. The extraterrestrial encounters are recorded within their subconscious minds. Their conscious minds could only vaguely recall dream-like memories of strange encounters and missing time. Denise and Bert began a journal of important events and sought the aid of a psychic hypno therapist. The hypnosis sessions were the key to unlocking their repressed memories and revealed encounters from the age of two to adulthood. The earthlings and Andromes start a hybrid family. Is it really possible to have a marriage and family between two worlds with completely different cultures? Secret Vows is a provocative, first-hand account of discovery. Is it real or isn't it? Bert and Denise seem to think so. You decide.

(Wildflower Press, 1993)

Forbidden Archaeology

By Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson

Finally there is a reference book for serious students of ancient humanity that lists many of the politically and socially unacceptable archaeological discoveries of the past few hundred years. The text is scholarly and highly informative including clear line drawings of some of the featured artifacts.

The chapters dealing with wild men, found nearly everywhere on earth, were based on credible witnesses and artifacts, analyzed under scientific methods. The evidence offered clearly shows that it is possible that man's missing link, a type of ape man humanoid, has lived near to but not directly with mankind for thousands if not millions of years.

This book is a fresh perspective on a very old subject. It carefully rethinks the known fossil records and the methods used for dating them. The data is clear and powerful. There are no final conclusions, regarding man's origins, drawn for the reader. You must make up your own mind after examining this massive manuscript of nearly 1,000 pages. It is thoughtfully designed to give a much broader view of mankind's past.

(Govardhan Hill Press, 1993)

ANTIGRAVITY: The Dream Made Reality

By John A. Thomas, Jr.

This is the incredible story of John R.R. Searl's life and his discoveries. His Searl Effect Generators or SEGs freely draw electricity from the Universe by a revolutionary means of super-conductivity. As a side effect, when pulling an electric load, the generator creates a field of controllable antigravity.

All of this was made possible by a series of special dreams that came to Professor Searl when he was only four and a half years old. It was then that he discovered the Laws of the Squares. Although these laws conform more exactly to Nature's Laws, many people over the years have stepped back from this new technology in awe and wonder. Searl's work offers a totally new perspective on the relationship of energy and matter and is therefore difficult for some to accept the importance of the data.

A prime example of this occurred around 1970 when Searl took one of his prototypes to Edwards Airforce Base in California. After demonstrating the flying ability of his craft, the Airforce said that they doubted that anyone could survive the speeds and the sharp turns the craft had easily executed. They also stated that, "Your craft doesn't appear to have inertia. That is contrary to all our knowledge."

All you Earthlings out there who are would-be ETs absolutely must read this introductory manual on what is definitely going to be the technology for practical mass interplanetary transit in the future.

(D.I.S.C. Rochester, NY 1993)

Preparing For Contact

A Metamorphosis of Consciousness

By Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest

This book is set up in an interview format with Sasha, a Pleiadian female, channeled by Lyssa Royal. Keith Priest's contribution to this book is greatly appreciated. He challenges Sasha with some really hard-hitting questions and will not accept airy-fairy answers.

Preparing for Contact is designed to help Earthlings understand the psychology of the contact experience with extraterrestrials. It is instrumental in helping the reader understand the different states of consciousness (i.e. beta, alpha, theta). Sasha sheds more light on these other levels of existence and invites us to meet the ETs "on common ground." In other words, initiating contact by being at the right place, at the right time, and enjoying your self. Lyssa and Keith designed a field trip around the suggestions given by Sasha. Read about their adventures and discoveries.

As you journey through the pages of this book you will also take an inner journey through your own psyche and discover a whole new dimension to your unexplained experiences.

(Royal Priest Research Press, 1994)

Hoagland's Mars: Vol. 11

The U.N. Briefing The Terrestrial Connection

A very interesting documentary presentation of the objective studies done by the Mars Mission Group on what appear to be manmade monuments on Mars. The Mars Missions representative, Richard Hoagland, is quick paced in his delivery of some truly astounding facts based on mathematical analysis of the Martian monuments. Located in the Cydonia region of Mars, the evidence is overwhelming and seems to show that we have some direct counterparts to the monuments of Mars right here on Earth. An area of England known as the Avabury Circle is almost an exact duplicate of a similar circle on Mars. There is also a giant human face on Mars, the implications of which are very important in understanding our cosmic origins. Our Earthly counterpart would be the Sphinx in Egypt, which is built right near an incredible group of pyramids. A very similar group of large pyramids are also located next to the Great Face of Mars. The official US policy regarding the future of Mars exploration is of great concern to some researchers. They are asking NASA to provide them with the real-time images that will be sent to Earth from a recently launched Mars-bound satellite. The people at the Mars Mission Group are working to insure that the finest quality satellite images of the surface of Mars be made accessible to everyone on Earth for personal evaluation.

(Available from B.C. Video, NY)

Hoagland's Mars:

Extended Version

As a former NASA employee, science editor for a national magazine, and current spokesman for the Mars Mission Group, Richard Hoagland is well informed on activities that occur in the heavens above us. His highly detail oriented analyses of videotape that was shot by the Shuttle Mission Discovery in September, 1991 is the best I have ever seen. There is so much activity going on that it is impossible to see it all at one time, but one sequence over all others is most revealing. It shows an intelligently guided spacecraft making incredible high-speed maneuvers as it accelerates away from our latest Star Wars weapons systems. This is not a George Lucas production; the unknown spacecraft narrowly avoids being hit by a speeding projectile as it accelerates up to a speed of 200,000 miles-an-hour in a matter of seconds. Some researchers are calling this video a smoking gun for NASA who officially claims that the whole affair was just ice crystals in front of the lens!

(Available from B.C. Video, NY)

Undeniable Evidence

The best documentary on the crop circle phenomenon so far. Hosted by the world's foremost crop circle researcher, Colin Andrews. There are many fascinating and incredible pieces of undeniable evidence presented such as an impossible to fake scientific analysis of a molecularly altered grain sample from one of the circles. Other researchers feel convinced that there is not only an intelligence involved in the formation of these grain-based-glyphs, but there is a message being given to humanity as well. It appears that we are on the edge of chaos as depicted by one design. The mystery has not yet been solved, but all indications are pointing to a celestial origin for the genuine crop circles, and the other incredibly advanced grain-based-glyphs. The video footage of the crop circles is awesome. This video is a must see for those interested in the worldwide occurrence of cosmic pictograms on planet earth.

(Available from Lightworks Video)

Are We Alone?

A well-documented video based on the continuing work of Zecharia Sitchin. The story involves mankind's cosmic origins, and the historical clues from at least 6,000 years ago that are only now being verified by our modern science. It seems possible that we have been visited on more than one occasion by a race of human beings who have come to earth from outside our known solar system. Experts now agree that there could be an undiscovered planet far out in our solar system. It has a very odd orbit and is believed to have caused much damage to the solar system. In fact, according to the ancient cuniform clay tablets discovered recently in buried Mesopotamian libraries, this mysterious intruder planet created our Earth billions of years ago during a cosmic collision. It also states that advanced ETs created human beings on Earth, some 450,000 years ago. Could this be the key to mankind's evolutionary missing link?

(Available from Underground Video)


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