I must commend you for such an excellent magazine - it really does shine and stand above the rest of the pack. The Mars article was fascinating - of course I had to order the book and video immediately. I was also intrigued with the discovery of Mu. It's really incredible that much of this information and clues have been staring us in the face so long. We are lucky that we are living in a time when this is finally being revealed. I'm really glad to have made a connection with like-minded people. Thanks again for the issues and for the really remarkable publication you are creating. Keep up the good work.

Liam O'Malley

Thank you for your enthusiastic support of our work. The amount of information coming in is increasing all the time. The "clues" are like sign-posts along our soul's path which guides us from one life to another.


I am impressed with the contents of your magazine. I have read some of the articles and I loved it, it's great! It is by all means very interesting and sincere, unlike any other I’ve read. The reviews you received are over whelming and sensational, you must be very proud of it.

I hope to be united in sharing the wonderful news that people are not all aware of. As brothers and sisters, it is our duty to make way for the joys that lie ahead, awaiting us.

M. Verelli


I receive a number of magazines that relate to the subject of UFOs, but to date, UNICUS surpasses them all. UNICUS and everyone connected with this special magazine has become a very important turning point in my life. Thank you and keep up your fabulous work.

V.L.P. Maynard

It means a lot to all of us who work on this magazine to know that we are truly making a difference. Thank you for reading UNICUS.


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the last issue of UNICUS. I have followed Richard Hoagland's work almost from the beginning and was glad to see your interview with him. Also thank you for publishing my article on The Mystery of Harmonics.

I was reading an old book, We Are Not Alone, published in 1964, and it mentioned that during WWI, when transatlantic radio signaling was routine, Marconi reported hearing strange signals on both sides of the Atlantic. Most frequently heard was the letter V (three dots plus a dash) which is a test signal for tuning equipment. Both Marconi and Tesla were convinced they were signals from another planet. Tesla felt that the frequency was ten times lower than manmade signals and believed that they were comparable to the harmonics of a musical note.

Lee Walsh

According to Nicola Tesla: Man or Spaceman?, by Michael X., in the year 1856, a spaceship set out from Venus on a mission to Earth. As the craft neared the earth, a baby boy was born and the space people gave him the name Nikola. That night, on July 9th, the spaceship landed in a remote section of an Austro-Hungarian province which is now (the former) Yugoslavia. The child was taken to the home of Rev. Milutin Tesla and his wife Djouka, a young married couple who were selected by the space people because they possessed good will.


Thank you for sending me your magazine. In this age when there is so much corruption, it is important to call the attention of the public to the fact that virtue triumphs amidst the chaos.

UNICUS contains mystical truths about which I have only the vaguest comprehension. I want to learn more about what I have missed.

Lillian Hicks

Thank you for being open to this information. As we move into an era of increased technology, it is important to also embrace the mystical truths of our past.


I am a reader of UNICUS magazine, and I think it is a wonderful source of information. I would like to know if I can contribute an article or two to UNICUS magazine.

Again, I am impressed with the quality of your magazine, and I find it to be a class above the tabloid-type UFO magazines. I am a researcher of information, and would like to add some very valuable information to your magazine.

E.R. Webb

We encourage readers such as yourself to share your knowledge with UNICUS. Please feel free to submit your writings — which we look forward to reading.


I received your lovely letter and the generous, heavenly gift issues. Many thanks for them. Your gift is the manifestation of Universal Love. There is one driving force behind the great achievements of man, and that force is Love. I believe Love is the most powerful healing force in the Universe. UNICUS is a unique, skillfully edited magazine. It deals with subjects that gain greater importance every year. My warmest congratulations to all those connected with UNICUS, and best wishes for the future.

Boczor Iosif

The work we do on UNICUS comes from our hearts and we are happy to know that it shows.


Enclosed is a check for a one year subscription to UNICUS, which I find to be a most interesting magazine. I really like the many articles describing the Ancient City of Light located in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California and the continuing on-site explorations now taking place there. Perhaps in the future I will be able to join Robert Stanley on his expedition to this key site. The City of Light being uncovered in the Santa Monica Mountains reminds me of similar key discoveries at the Grand Canyon, located in Arizona, and "The Cave of Many Faces" in Southern Illinois where thousands of various artifacts have come to light.

Michael Kant

New evidence is still being discovered about this incredible site in the Santa Monica Mountains. We will be providing regular updates on the latest information and any facts of this ancient city as they become available.


Concerning your statement in issue #8 of the Star Wars System that is fully operational, did I miss something? Despite our government's continuing secrecy and its efforts to delude its people, when did this space system become operational and how would you know this?

Garth Harmon
New Jersey

Good question Garth. According to a report published by analyst John Judge, in 1963, Werner Von Braun's mentor Walter Dornberger proposed the use of satellites that would contain nuclear weapons as an early component of Star Wars. The Space Shuttle was copied from a German WWII design of Domberger's

He conceived of a missile system that would reach Earth orbit and therefore not be as easily tracked by radar. This design would allow a missile to be launched from Germany that would orbit the Earth and land wherever it was commanded to.

Dornberger was brought to the U.S. in the fifties, because Von Braun refused to continue his work for NASA until the fate of Dornberger was cleared up. Von Braun and his so-called "rocket team" were captured in Switzerland by U.S. General Thurston and his aide-de-camp Clay Shaw. Hundreds of Nazi scientists were brought back to the U.S. and placed in top positions in aerospace, munitions industries, and NASA under the code name "Paperclip." In the forties we began the space race, and by the fifties, we were creating Star Wars.


The article Politics Of the Mars Mission in issue #8 was so timely considering that the Mars Observer mission failed as of the writing of this letter (August 31, 1993). I was so looking forward to some updated photos of the Cydonia area on Mars. The photos from 1976 are still very impressive.

I am sure that it is very possible that there is a cover-up going on as far as the uneducated and unprepared general public is concerned. I know that this is true in my own field of study and writing The Dead Sea Scrolls. Just as the real contents and their logical historical implications are concerned, the public is just not ready for the explosive cultural and philosophical changes that would take place. Of course, in both the fields of astronomy and theology, a certain amount of information of little consequence is being allowed to leak into the public domain, but the really interesting and controversial material will be withheld for some time to come. So much of our world is still in cultural infancy. Most citizens in America do not yet even know that evolution has happened. How can they handle extraterrestrial archaeology that could date back as far as the dinosaurs?

Do keep up the interesting exposes and reporting. Try to avoid the stuff that is totally bogus. We don't need that and it only harms real research. Best wishes

Alan Albert Snow

I am reminded of an old expression which says, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time." Look for our follow up article in the next issue.


I’ve read your magazine and it’s great confirmation for me. I’ve been on this planet for 53 years and there is still a lot I don’t remember about where I’m from. It’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together and all the pieces aren’t on the table. They show up one piece at a time. I’m looking forward to reading more info. Thanks for a wonderful magazine.

Bonnie Fogarty

Perhaps if you were to remember everything too soon, it would be difficult to cope with the realities of earth life. You are obviously here for a reason, and by focusing on your soul's purpose, more will become revealed. I do think there is a group consciousness and as more people awaken, the journey will quicken for all of us.


I’d like to thank you for the wonderful magazines you put together every time. It’s a pleasure to see something new and interesting around in these wild and weird days! Keep up the good work especially in the close encounter and travel departments. I love to read about other people’s close encounters/abductions and also people’s trips to far and remote places. I also especially like tips on good health and nutrition. In fact, I’d like to request two back issues of your magazine, just because it's way cool!

Edward R. Klarquist


Thank you for the copy of UNICUS you sent. It is certainly thought provoking and fascinating reading. I’ve been making my way slowly through this issue and have been sharing it with others. I can't help but note that the article America: Land of the Free or Home of the Slave from issue #6 made me feel a bit sick about the misuse of energy and the extent to which darkness has dominated our world.

Being involved with another publication this year has given me a profound respect for the publishing field. I feel it is both helpful and necessary for the message of light and love to reach an ever-widening sphere, and it is beneficial for those working toward this eventuality to keep a positive connection, if only a simple acknowledgement that we are ONE.


We are glad you enjoy our magazine. It is very interesting meeting people who see things differently and sharing their perspectives with you. Sometimes the information can be quite shocking, but is better to be aware than in denial. The American dream has been a nightmare for some, but fortunately freedom of the press still enables us to publish this information. We intend to work towards a brighter future for all.


I read my first copy of UNICUS issue #6 and was particularly interested in the article Grand Discovery: Egyptian City in the Grand Canyon, by David H. Childress. It hit my hot button! A short while back a brief newspaper item appeared in the Phoenix Gazette regarding the discovery. It read, "Exploration in Grand Canyon... remarkable finds... amazing but false! Story of Egyptian artifacts in Canyon called a hoax." According to the article, the only thing that Arizona and Egypt appear to have in common are a lot of desert and hellishly hot temperatures. But Childress is unconvinced, he says "I still think Egyptians were in Arizona, as were the Romans, the Phoenicians, and the Chinese. I don't think this was a hoax at all. I think the Smithsonian is covering this up to this day, and this is the biggest cover-up since the Kennedy assassination."

Whatever the true reality here, it is my concerted opinion that Childress is convinced that the Smithsonian is at fault. If so, this parallels other similar fiascoes. Sadly enough, and for reasons unknown, frustration derived from such dumb decisions seems too often "the order of the day," especially if truth and further enlightenment are at stake.

Allan Wiseman

We respect David Childress and his outstanding research. It is always possible that a story is a hoax, and yet this would be discovery could cause some serious historical revisions. Either way the public is still being denied entry to this area for their own safety. According to Strange Amazing & Mysterious Places, Collins Publisher 1993, "In the Goreme Valley, Central Turkey, far below the network of volcanic valleys around Goreme, there are 37 underground cities, some built to a depth of 18 to 20 stories, complete with huge chambers and stairways, and connected by tunnels nine miles long. It is estimated that a total of 20,000 people lived in these cities. These cities are believed to be constructed by Hittites in order to escape foreign cultures and armies." There is no word from the Turkish government whether or not they or restricting access to the public for their safety.


I saw your advert for Unicus magazine and feel drawn to respond. I am not conscious of my own origins, let alone the roots of the species, but have long suspected we were seeded from the stars. And that we have a need to continue the spread and evolution of life beyond this Gaian (Earth) sphere we call home.

As I love to explore the culture and art of other Gaian tribes, I look forward to the sharing and free trading of art and knowledge with extraterrestrial races.

Mark Pryor
New Zealand


I like the magazine a lot. I have read a lot of "New Age," extraterrestrial - oriented and "spiritual" material, and I like the UNICUS approach very much. It has an excellent balance of diverse viewpoints, while overall giving a positive tone. I thank you very much.

Bill Cobb

It's about time the extraterrestrials got some good press on this planet. So far the media has only portrayed them as being either monsters or just plain stupid. Hopefully, UNICUS wi11 help balance the misconceptions.


Your cryptic cartoons really crack me up. In particular, Mr. Moe had me beside myself with laughter.

It is amazing how well it depicts the enormous gap between people's perceptions; i.e. the rat race (I love fries) to mankind's domestic persona (Mr. Moe), to the high-flying Pleiadian space race (S). Please scratch Mr. Moe behind the ears for me. I love his perspectives. He is one cosmic cat!

Dee Cello


Please enter my subscription to Unicus along with my order for back issues. I have felt for a number of years that I have an extraterrestrial origin, probably Pleiadian, and I have been searching for the memory of my purpose this lifetime in these times of planetary changes. Perhaps your magazine will help stir these memories.

Nick Aquilino
North Carolina


I was very happy to find your article in OMNI Jan.1994 issue on page 80! Your magazine sounds like a winner in my book. I got a good feeling about your magazine as I received chillsofvalidation (goose-bumps). Please send me your subscription rates. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Larry K. Parent


I love the magazine and am really looking forward to future issues. I did not renew my membership to another publication, because they were so political and boring to read. Yours is really exciting and I’ll be glad to help you out by telling the (aware) clients who call our network about you. Word of mouth is an excellent way of networking. UNICUS is a blessing to a lot of people.

Athena Marietta,

We are really grateful to you, and to all of our readers for your kind letters and enthusiasm. Thank you for making our job so rewarding.

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