"There was an incredible situation that occurred at an ICBM silo, in South Dakota. The ETs came down and lifted the lid off of one of the silos, which weighed 40 to 50 tons."

                     - Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean, retired

By Robert Stanley

In the early 1960's, Robert O. Dean was assigned to SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe) then located near Paris, France. Mr Dean was advanced to the highest security clearance NATO has - COSMIC - and assigned to SHOC (Supreme Headquarters Operations Center) war room. Early one morning, a SHOC controller withdrew a huge document from a vault, entitled "Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe #3 Cosmic Top Secret." Mr. Dean was then allowed to read this highly detailed NATO report on UFOs and extraterrestrial activity compiled by military representatives from every NATO nation with contributions from the best scientists at Cambridge, Oxford, MIT and other universities. Since that time, Mr. Dean has dedicated his life to researching and educating audiences around the world about Earth's governments' knowledge of UFOs and ETs.

UNICUS: You mention in your lectures that everyone on Earth had their own agenda. What do you think our global governments and military are doing to prepare to interface with the ETs agenda?

DEAN: Well frankly, not enough. First of all, I don't think they started preparing early enough, and secondly I don't think they started really addressing the issue to the point. However, I think that the recent surge of UFO subject matter on TV and in movies indicates that there is some kind of program underway. I have been told that there are 28 different shows that will be coming out in the next 12 months. The FOX television network has come out with the first of a new series called Encounters. In July, ShowTime cable movie station aired Roswell: The Movie. Someone has decided that they have to get some of this information out. However, I fault them for not starting early enough, and for not taking the public into their confidence early on. I fault them for trying to lie to all of the people all of the time, and I fault them frankly for underestimating the American people. I think the public can deal with this if it is presented in the proper way.

UNICUS: You have been privately conducting research on this subject for about 30 years now, and you are convinced that we are related physically, culturally and spiritually to at least one of the know races of ETs that are visiting us. How did mankind forget such an important link in its evolution?

DEAN: The human race is made up of a bunch of damn mavericks. We have a tendency to sometimes take something that is beautiful and true and screw it up. For example, about 2,00 years ago, a very loving young man in Galilee had some beautiful stories to tell and some great truths to share. He tried to do that, and look what happened to what he tried to say. Not only did they turn it into a religion, which he did not want them to do; they edited, and rewrote some of it and turned it into a political structure. I am talking about organized Christianity. I am not just throwing stones at the Catholic Church; I throw stones at all of them. They have taken something very true and very beautiful and misinterpreted it.

I am convinced that the young man in Galilee was part of this ongoing interplanetary relationship. I don't think his life was an accident. I think he was basically what he said he was, and they tried to turn him into something else because we tend to do that. Even in ancient times, in Greece and Rome, we deified the visitors (from space) and they never wanted that. Granted there may have been a few along the way who enjoyed it, but basically the ET's policy concerning us was that they did not want us to deify them, they wanted to help us grow up by facing the reality that we are not alone and help us mature enough so that we could stop beating the hell out of one another. I think this current cycle that we are going through is not a new or unusual cycle, it has probably happened in the Universe hundreds, if not thousands of times already.

UNICUS: Zechariah Sitchin's work is in agreement with your own research. In his series The Earth Chronicles, he makes many well-documented references to the government of the gods being handed down to mankind. Do you think we are still living under their political influence?

DEAN: To some degree, yes. However, this is a very subtle affair. Ho do you carefully, gently, lovingly interrelate with a race, to help them grow up, and not rock the boat too much so they don't go running hysterically into the streets? I admire Zechariah, he is one of the few people who had done his homework. When I talked to him in Chicago a while back, I said 'You know the whole program is still going on, they are still intimately involved with us?' He gave me a strange grin and said, "Read my next book." I keep hoping that he will specifically come out and say that. I do believe it's true and I think that at some level they have saved our ass a time or two. Apparently there has been some overt involvement in government with both Russia and the United States. Certain individuals have been reported to appear to leading officials.

The story I heard out of the Kremlin is that it happened to Michael Gorbachev at a Procedium meeting. I also heard from a few independent sources that a certain visitor appeared to Bush and Gorbachev on a battleship at Malta, during a summit a while back.

There was an incredible situation that occurred at an ICBM silo, in South Dakota. The ETs came down and lifted the lid off of one of the silos, which weighed 40 to 50 tons. When the security personnel responded, after all the alarms went off, they found the lid pulled off and set aside like we put aside a package of butter. After the large UFO left the area, they went into the silo and found that the nuclear warhead had been melted, and the guidance system was so badly scrambled God knows where it would have gone if it had been launched.

When we finally had enough courage to share what had happened with the Russians, through other countries intelligence agencies, we discovered that exactly the same kind of incident had occurred in Russia. I think that when President Regan finally decided it was time to share that we know what they knew, that is what led to some of the comments Regan and Gorbachev came out with regarding ETs and global politics.


UNICUS: About the report entitled Fire Officer's Guide, Chapter 13: UFOs a Threat? - that uses a hypothetical situation where a UFO crashes in a populated area. You said that you believed this portion of the fire officer's manual was based on a real event. Why?

DEAN: I have been in touch with the Long Island MUFON Group. Apparently, in November of 1992, a couple of UFOs crashed near the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island. One of them went down right near a freeway and burned fiercely for hours. The other object landed in the middle of a street in a small community and did not burn. The story I was told by witnesses is that these were both extraterrestrial objects, and when the guys from the local fired departments arrived on the scene the shock of what they were seeing was more than they had ever been prepared to deal with.

Not only were they dealing with a piece of exotic hardware, that was totally alien, but the were dealing with alien bodies. Then the Brookhaven Fire Department showed up, and even some of their guys were having a problem coping with the situation, but they did try to clean it up, haul away all the wreckage and they the big political cover-up began. It was that incident and probably a few others that led to the publishing of this manual.

UNICUS: Regarding Earth's current policy toward UFO visitation in general, are we still operating in an intercept at any cost mode?

DEAN: They revoked the shooting order a number of years ago. There was briefly an intercept and shoot order issued some time back. They learned real fast, first hand that was not a good idea. This is a hairy subject for the guys in authority. We are not dealing with one group of ETs. Apparently, on an official level, we have established a relationship with at least one of the groups visiting earth. There are a couple of others we have not made any kind of arrangement with and don't necessarily know what some of the others motives are. As far as I know, our current policy does not condone shooting at them, but we do try and find out as much as possible about them. Jets will respond when there have been fly overs and possible landings, to photograph as much as they can.

UNICUS: Have you seen the clear civilian photographs taken in Puerto Rico, which show F-14s flying around a hovering UFO, where witnesses claim that at least one of the military jets disappeared after coming close to the UFO?

DEAN: Yes, and as far as I know the F-14s didn't shoot at the UFO. They were just making a few reconnaissance passes. Apparently, the pilots involved in that incident were abducted after getting too close. The U.S. has already lost six F-14s down in Puerto Rico. I have their tail numbers, squadron numbers and the name of the aircraft carrier they were flying off of. That is a pretty sensitive secret, but there have been rumors leaked that the pilots are all right. A Naval spokesman has said, through a number of different people, that they know where the pilots are being held and that they are okay.

UNICUS: There are reports, from various sources, of a growing political, philosophical and moral division among the many different Federal and Military Intelligence Agencies. How do you think these agencies can become more united regarding the ETs in general?

DEAN: The difference of opinion is a real situation that has been going on for a number of years. There are two different groups in our government, at different levels, working on this issue. One group wanted to get the information our to the public sometime ago. The other group not only said no, but hell no! That situation could be resolved with a little firm leadership and solid policy making from the top. A strong President, with a strong Congress behind him could inform these groups that this is a democratic institutional form of government, and then spell out what we need to do without all the b.s.

I think one of the things that has kept me alive, is that I have been trying to help government at some level to put together a sound, workable, informational and educational program on this issue to start really telling the American people what has been going on regarding the ETs, and where we fit into this incredible Universe we live in. I think that more that can be done. I don't think it is being done fast enough. I don't think they have seriously made up their minds to really do this, and we are running out of time. I don't exactly know what the visitor’s agenda is, but I have a nagging suspicion that they are becoming a little impatient with us.

I am writing a book entitled "The Time Has Come" which details how we are ready to address this issue in the open. We need to stand up and acknowledge their existence. We have known it for a long time. We would like to join the club. It's time for us to graduate, mature and evolve. We have got to say openly that we would like to be a part of the bigger picture, but we are not quite ready - we need a little help. I think we need to express and address that issue now globally. They didn't create us and help us evolve and genetically work with us over the centuries to make us into foolish children or mere servants. I think they have as much interest as we should have about growing up and taking our place in the Universal community. I am convinced that if our governments, on a global basis, addressed and inform the people on this issue that mankind would obtain more help than we ever imagined.

UNICUS: You stated that we are all immortal beings who chose to be here at this time for mankind's next evolutionary leap forward. What role should spirituality play in government?

DEAN: That is a damn good question! It should play a role. It does. However, it doesn't play as big a role as it should have. If you are a student of history you know that way the United States of America was founded, the religious and spiritual factor played a major role. Our founding fathers knew that, they all know that this nation was literally formed under God. We have gotten away from that a little bit over the last couple of hundred years due to this Newtonian, reductionist science we became involved in.

When I talk about spirituality I am not talking about religion - I am talking about the human spirit, which transcends religion. Every Moslem, every Jew, every Christian, every Buddhist and every Hindu on this planet has the same spirit - the same spark of God inside him. When people are addressed and dealt with on that level, rather than perceiving them as secular entities, then we really can begin to grow up and become what we should be.

The human race has got to come to terms with its unity - we are all one. Gandhi, for example, had a worldview that transcended Hinduism. He saw the spirit of light on a worldwide basis. When we tap into that spiritual power our potential is infinite.

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