An Environmentally Safe Energy System

Even though Nikola Tesla’s invention of wireless electricity in 1899 was incredible, he may have actually re-discovered an ancient technology.

By Doug Yurchey

Who was Nikola Tesla? He was the inventor of our modern electrical systems. He invented the alternating polyphase current (AC) generators that light up every city on this planet. Most people believe that because Edison invented the light bulb, he should be credited for all the electrical advances of the modern world. They even named a power company after Edison, but the truth is that Edison aggressively campaigned against alternating current (AC) for direct current (DC).

An electrical war was waged in the early part of this century. The far inferior DC, that cannot cover any distance through wires, obviously lost. Thank Tesla, not Edison, for wrapping our environment with power lines and for bringing us out of the dark literally. Even the light bulb, which operates on a current that alternates 60 times per second, is Tesla's creation. Every aspect of electricity was patented by Nikola Tesla turbines, electrodes, generators, transformers, all type of motors and all types of lighting.

Tesla is the actual inventor of radio, not Marconi. Everything wireless; transmitter/receivers for remote control, radar, X-ray and even television are all incorporated within Tesla's patents. Yet, many people have never even heard of Tesla. Why isn't Tesla, a brilliant teacher of Albert Einstein, a household name? It may be because he found an inexpensive, environmentally safe method of merging electricity and radio together so that power could be broadcast without wires. Even though Tesla's invention of wireless electricity in 1899 was incredible, he may have actually re-discovered an ancient technology.

Unfortunately, Tesla's World Wireless (WW) system, which he built at Wardenclyffe, New York from 1900 until nearly completed in 1905, was never turned on. The WW system would have drastically changed human society, advancing it in quantum leaps. Every bit of his technical and scientific work had led up to this grand achievement. Free, environmentally safe energy, wireless power anywhere, instant world communication and more would have become a reality.

Tesla designed a tower that was a Magnifying Transmitter 187 feet high that could broadcast power over thousands of square miles. Nine such transmitters, placed at precise global locations, would completely blanket the Earth with electrical energy. World television, world communications anywhere would be possible.

Imagine clean electric power out of thin air, no wires. This means even the middle of the desert, on mountaintops, and the most remote areas of the planet all could have electricity. A wireless world is not just a dream or science fiction. It is a feasible, environmentally practical idea that is almost 100 years old. More importantly, it could be the key to mankind's mysterious pre-history.

In Tesla's system, nine global transmitters would convert naturally occurring electromagnetism into usable power. The energy is then transferred or stepped down to local, smaller scale transmitters. Then, this world frequency would again be stepped down to an even smaller and closer receiver on buildings, cars, boats, planes etc. All our machines, vehicles and lights would be powered by the world frequency transmitted by the network of towers. It is ultimately a blueprint for Utopia and is the most efficient and environmentally safe means to acquire and distribute electrical power. By creating this new WW system, Tesla had made his own AC system obsolete before it could begin to develop.

The WW system was designed to work on a grid pattern that would be located on the Earth's naturally occurring electromagnetic energy lines that concentrate into vortexes at certain nodes. A grid of Magnifying Transmitters, located on the nodes was distributed equidistant to each other. In this way, the electrical energy would be used most efficiently. The system distributes power evenly from tower to tower and therefore it would create a distinct pattern.

A Tesla technology based society would have the appearance of constructions in a pattern over a large area. Each transceiver becomes a powerhouse. The surrounding area quickly develops into a huge metropolis with human activity. Miles away, other small stations are established that tap into the main tower. As more colonies are built the energy distribution system expands.

If we were to discover an organized network of ruins that covered a large surface area in this way, we could possibly conclude that there was an advanced knowledge in the Old World. Even the technique of erecting massive megalithic monuments, the mechanics of ancient aeronautics, the science of Atlantis was similar to Tesla technology. When we examine Mayan constructions in their original significance or physical science, there is row upon row of perfectly straight stele, which indicates advanced technical ability. Stele are intricately crafted stone totem poles that weigh many tons each. Mayan cities with their rows of stele could have had power stations built out of stones that vibrated at the world frequency. Far away, other installations carried the same wireless electricity for their machines and aircraft. Tesla stated, wrote and personally demonstrated that all you need is ground contact and some elevation to receive the energy in the air. Edgar Cayce wrote that the survivors of Atlantis used crystals in their technology and described how they built various vehicles that were powered through vibrations from stones. Legends state that Mayan cities were connected by a "ladder in the sky."

If this theory is true, it could help explain the distribution of mankind's cradles of civilization. The Global Map (see map above) indicates a prehistoric grid of locations for the 13 cradles of the human race. These were all distinct empires with unexplained common denominators.

(1) ATLANTIS - The original, main global transmitter that powered 12 other colonies around the world. After thousands of years of Utopia or Eden, the main transmitter blew up and took with it the Atlantic continent creating the Atlantic Islands.

(2) EGYPT - The Pre-Egyptians rebuilt the Great Pyramid. After the sinking of Atlantis the pyramid at Ghiza was located in the center of all the landmasses and became the new main transmitter. It was later destroyed, rebuilt and once again destroyed and stripped of its power by the Egyptians.

(3) PERU - Near Lake Titicaca, the Pre-Incans, had a mastery of gravity technology, flew and constructed huge cities high in the remote Andes Mountains. These survivors of Atlantis also came to a mysterious end and de-evolved into the Incan culture.

(4) ENGLAND - Stonehenge was a broken transceiver that was rebuilt by sophisticated Druid scientists. Smaller prehistoric stone circles and mounds were constructed all over England and Northern France. They still surround the site of Stonehenge in a specific pattern.

(5) EASTER ISLAND - After the destruction of wireless power, colonist islanders were stranded and could only move weights locally. The large numbers of giant stone carvings were their useless attempts to once again tap into an energy system that was destroyed.

(6) INDIA - Only in the past 15 years have scientists discovered the exact composition of the New Delhi Pillar. This ancient metallic mystery is made of artificial magnetite, which requires a very large amount of electricity for its creation. This pillar appears to be a Tesla-type of antenna, and relates to the power systems for ancient air vehicles called Vimanas.

(7) AFRICA - Zimbabwe, near Lake Nyasa is the site of the ancient Bantu culture that constructed massive monoliths. Their mortarless stonework closely resembles Incan constructions. There are also smaller stone fortresses that surround the main Zimbabwe complex. They form a pattern that covers thousands of square miles.

(8) WEST AFRICA - Tassili is located in the middle of the Sahara Desert and is the home of prehistoric murals painted in mountain caves. The art was created by an enigmatic people. According to their art, they occupied the Sahara when it was a lush, fertile region. They also depicted strange creatures (machines) and humans.

(9) CHINA- In the Sea of Japan there are areas of anomalous electromagnetic activity with reports of strange disappearances.

(10) AUSTRALIA - Near Alice Springs, early Australians painted petroglyphs showing odd figures and symbols. There are also rock formations that have been fused by an incredible heat.

(11) RUSSIA - With the opening of relations with the Soviet Union, we discover that Russia also contains evidence of ancient technology.

(12) BRAZIL- The Amazon Jungle may never give up all its secrets, but persistent rumors of ancient cities with electricity have long been known to explorers worldwide.

(13) CANADA - is not without its share of megalithic stone circles that were built by a prehistoric people whose arrival and departure is still a total mystery. Very little scientific research has been conducted at these ancient sites.

Tesla even invented anti-gravity. In Pittsburgh, while working with Westinghouse, he floated an egg on a rotating magnetic field. He also invented a force field or "wall of light." So what happened to Tesla's WW system tower in 1905?

Some sources have reported that the power companies shut Tesla down or that the money from J.P. Morgan never arrived. However, we learned from Arthur Matthews, the last man to know and work with him, that Tesla married in 1890, had a son and died a very rich man.

In a correspondence, Arthur Matthews reveals how Tesla himself dismantled his WW system that was his life's dream and the scientific apex of his work. He tore down his 187-foot Magnifying Transmitter tower on Long Island, because the human race was not yet ready for such a quantum leap in technology. World War I was about to begin and militarily motivated scientists would have taken his technology and perverted it.

Even today, no one can just build a Tesla transmitter and turn it on. It would disrupt every TV, radio, phone and computer system in the area. On a small scale, a Tesla Coil will disrupt the magnetics in speakers, audio & videotapes, computers, etc., when placed in close proximity. Our current system and Tesla's WW system are incompatible.

We won't have a Tesla system until all our satellites, computers and other industries are scrapped. And we would need to develop new, environmentally safe means of transportation and energy. Yet, overhauling what we presently use and going to a WW system is a precarious situation. History could repeat itself again and the human race would be once again thrown out of Paradise and would return to a primitive existence. In the distant future, when we mature enough to respect the wonders of Utopia, we will be building pyramids again and safely manipulating energy through our environment.

Doug Yurchey is a writer and artist who has studied ancient mysteries for 22 years. He reports to have received the 13 point map through channeling. Camegie Mellon University invited him to speak to their Research Department concerning his Tesla/Atlantis theory in 1982.

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