ETs and My Family Tree:

Close Encounters of the Fourth Generation

UFO contactee shares details of her family’s close encounters with extraterrestrials, her hybrid star child and messages given to her on all subjects including the sacredness of children and their role in the evolution of planet Earth.

By Robert Stanley

I received a phone call from a woman named Elizabeth who told me that while at the Bodhi Tree bookstore, she had psychically moved her hand in front of the magazine rack and picked out a copy of UNICUS.

Elizabeth instantly felt that she wanted to tell us about the unusual experiences that she and her family were having with ETs. We decided to get together at her parent's beautiful home in Los Angeles. Upon arriving, I was greeted by Elizabeth, her daughter Jessica, and her mother Evan. We sat in the living room looking out on the garden while their pet tortoise munched on some lettuce.

As we began to talk, I felt that what they were telling me was completely honest and I realized this story involved four or more generations of contact in their family. At times it was very emotional for Elizabeth to recall some of the stranger aspects of her experience, yet she had resolved the contact as being somehow beneficial. You candecide for yourself what it must have been like for them as you read their story.

We begin with Evan who is Elizabeth's mother and Jessica's grandmother. She remembers a story her mother told her about the time she was preparing dinner when she saw two balls of light bouncing across the kitchen floor and knocking the pot out of her hand. Apparently, Evan and her mother only spoke about these matters in private becausethey were afraid to say too much to ordinary people.

As a child, Evan had a terrible time in school because of her extraordinary abilities. She always knew if her teacher was telling the truth or not and she would say, "that's not the way it happened" and would proceed to tell the story the way it really happened. She was constantly being sent to the principal's office. Evan was left handed and was forced to keep that wondrous left hand behind her back. The teacher even instructed the other children to tell on her if she dared use that left hand. The classroom was so oppressive for her that she would often slip out of body and watch the classroom from the tree outside.

She learned to go within and believed that one could die for telling the truth. Evan remembers going camping with her family and feeling very safe in the woods. One time when she was six years old, she wandered off into the woods by herself and recalls seeing what she describes as a snake with very large almond shaped eyes. She had to bend down to get a closer look at the little head, and then the snake pulled away.

She remembers running back to camp and her mother being very angry because she had been gone for so long. Everyone was out looking for her, but she only remembers being gone for a short while. She says, "it was like a dream and suddenly woke up to those eyes." She is not sure if it wasreally a snake, but that it was the closest reference for what she saw.

Evan, her husband, and their kids had a UFO encounter while driving up a long mountain road headed for a lake at the top. As they drove around the turn near the top, she exclaimed, "Look, look out there! Look at that!" It was a silver disk and it was coming towards them. Her husband who is the ultimate skeptic said, "yes, yes it's coming towards us". Then all she remembered was seeing it flying away from them. A little while later, the police stopped them and asked what theywere doing in that area? The police said, "there's no lake up there, only a reservoir", so they drove home.

I asked Evan how she deals with a loved one who is skeptical and she replied, "It took me a long time to realize that a woman cannot get everything from the man she's married to. There have to be other people in my life both male and female who will understand something in my life that I'm telling them. One cannot fault a man for his not misunderstanding. While we live simultaneously with each other, we all have singular lives that we live and it must be allowed. When we have these experiences that we desperately want to share, we have to find the right person - the sympathetic person. Whatever interests us, we must go toward in any way we can."

Next, Elizabeth recounted some of her earliest experiences, "my first memory of having contact with ETs occurred when I was about five. It was of strange looking dogs outside my window with eyes that glowed. Another time I saw tiny hands at the side of my bed. After that I was afraid to raise my hands above my head at night, because I remembered being touched under my arm. It felt like someone tickling me, but I didn't laugh. It made me feel ill with fear. Overall this was not a bad experience. Now that I am older, I realize that our relationship with these ETs is part of our natural evolution.

My children's interaction with them has been a concern to me, because at times it can be frightening. I had to create a place in my brain where all of this would fit. I am also trying to help my children better understand their experiences. It has been difficult to talk publicly about this. Some of the things we have seen doesn't seem to make sense. Maybe in twenty years we will realize what it really means.

When my first child, Josh, was about six years old, we would go to the library and look at a book with pictures that showed the different development stages of a fetus. I was pregnant at the time and one day Josh showed me a picture that he said looked like the little boy that was at the back door. The picture was of a twelve to fourteen week old fetus. Its big dark eyes were large in comparison to the head. I told Josh that it didn't look like any neighborhood boy that I had ever seen. Josh told me that the boy was about three feet tall wearing a long white gown. When the little boy put his hand up to the window, he only had three fingers. After Josh told me about this I wondered what I should do? So I have been collecting accounts of our experiences since the early eighties."

At this point, Elizabeth gently asked her daughter, Jessica, to go into the other room with her grandmother. After she was gone, Elizabeth explained to me that there were certain things that she had not told Jessica yet. The implications of which were truly amazing. It might prove that we are genetically, as well as emotionally, compatible with extraterrestrial races. She was visibly moved by the memory of certain aspects of her contact with the ETs.

She went on to say, "one night I heard a sound like someone walking by in a slip. I got up and walked down the hall which was full of a strange fog. At first I thought there might be a fire, but there was no smoky smell. I walked into the living room which was also filled with the mist. The rest I remembered about five years later while under hypnosis. I recalled seeing a tall skinny ET. His head was hairless and he had large black eyes. His fingers were inches longer than mine.

He looked to be about seven feet tall. The build of his body was more like an insect than a human. His muscle structure looked almost non-existent. He had a little black box with a pin that stuck out. He placed it on my hip and I felt paralyzed. I was then taken somewhere and artificially inseminated. I remember seeing a long syringe with white liquid in it and feeling a fiery burning sensation in my ovaries.

The next thing I knew I was waking up in my bed, still having some pain. I didn't have any conscious memory of what had happened, so I didn't tell my husband. It was four months later, and I was pregnant, when Josh told me at the library about the little ET at the back door.

The next encounter happened in my living room again, only this time during the day. My husband was at work. I don't know where Josh was, but I began to experience some pain. I was looking out the window and leaning over the back of the couch saying, 'I can do this myself.' The thought kept repeating over and over, but it didn't feel like my own thought. I blanked out again and the rest was revealed under hypnosis.

I recalled seeing little ETs, two or three on either side of me, and the big tall one was there again. I remember watching them take the undeveloped fetus out of me. When I came back to the living room reality I just knew that I wasn't pregnant anymore."

I asked Elizabeth if she noticed any strange side affects after this incident and she replied, "yes, absolutely. I threw the TV and the radio into the trash bin outside. I couldn't take the sound of the energy coming out of them even with the sound turned all the way down. Soon after that experience, Josh was standing outside in his favorite spot by the fence looking preoccupied. I called him in and he told me that he missed his brothers and sisters, he missed his family, he missed his mom. Can you imagine how I felt? I asked him what he meant, and told him that I was his mom. He started telling me about his memories of being inside of a space ship and how it was operated by putting your hand on a light.

During one of our home study sessions I asked him to look at a picture of a pyramid. I told him to listen higher in his mind and draw how they were built. He drew a picture with a lot of little people and a couple big people that had the same kind of facial structure as the ETs I had met earlier. Josh is very good with inventions. He was seeing blue prints in his mind at an early age. He is also a gifted psychic reader and can see into people's lives as I do and Jessica is able to see people's auras. I feel that in the future they will need their special abilities to deal with what is coming on this planet.

Around this time, I was waking up at three and four in the morning pacing the floor, feeling that we had to move. I kept having visions that the cities would become real scary and chaotic, so we found a place to live in a small mining town in Arizona, called Jerome. We lived there for about eight years with more bizarre experiences. I was really astonished when my daughter Jessica told me one day about the space ship on the back porch and the little girl that came out of it. She said that the girl looked like her. These experiences put a lot of stress on my marriage.

When we first moved to Arizona, my husband saw a beautiful gold and silver colored ship in Sedona. Even though he had seen it clearly, he told me that his reality was only so big and that he didn't want it to be any bigger! I needed to speak about what was happening and as a result our marriage ended."

Elizabeth excused herself and went to get her nine-year-old daughter Jessica. The following is our question and answer session about her close encounters. I began by asking her about the first time she saw an ET and this is what she told me:

"I was having a fight with my brother so I went upstairs and I saw a little girl on the back porch. She looked almost exactly like me except for the eyes they were large and black. She had blond hair like mine, but less of it. She was wearing a gown almost like what they wear in the hospitals except shorter. She didn't say anything and was looking right at me through the sliding glass door. At first I wasn't sure if she was a normal human being or not. I was about five and I was surprised to see her come down out of an opening in the bottom of the space ship. It was silver and gold colored with windows all around. She floated down onto the back porch on a beam of rainbow colored light. This happened at night and she was only there for a couple of minutes. When she left, she just floated back up into the ship. I think I might see her again. I don't know why, but I felt happier when I saw her.

I had another experience with my friend, Ann, while we were driving to her mom's house in Tucson. We stopped at Smith's grocery store and Ann's mom went in while we waited in the car. All of a sudden, there was a flash of light and there were strange-looking people around the parking lot. They were wearing bright clothing. You couldn't look at it for more than five seconds or your eyes would start hurting. This was at night, but their clothes were so bright it almost looked like daytime. Some of them had strange looking animals with them on invisible leashes. They were a weird mixture like a cat with a dog's tail or a dog's body with a cat's head. When Ann's mom got back to the car they were all gone, I don't know where they went, but after we drove away, Ann and I suddenly saw each other growing older. She looked eighteen and so did I, but it only lasted for awhile."

UNICUS: Do you think that the ET people have feelings like we do and what do you think the little girl that you saw might have been feeling?

JESSICA: Yes, I think they have feelings. She might have been feeling happy, but I think that she was curious. They probably don't talk to humans on the street and say hi because we would get startled.

UNICUS: You think she was looking at you, and that made you feel happy for some reason?

JESSICA: Yes, I don't know why. When she came down, I looked at her and she just filled my heart.

UNICUS: You said the people in the parking lot wore clothes that lit up the parking lot.

JESSICA: Well, it was like day glow colors, but they didn't glow in the sun because it was night time.

UNICUS: Were any of them looking in the car at you and Ann?

JESSICA: One of them looked over at us and it was like he was seeing right through the whole car and beyond. The other ones were paying no attention at all.

UNICUS: Did they have big eyes?

JESSICA: They were a little bigger than ours, but they almost looked human, their skin was whitish tan. They didn't have any hair and their heads were oversized.

UNICUS: How many of them were around the car?

JESSICA: There were a lot looking in the windows of the stores, but they were not paying attention to the stuff inside. I think there were about thirty of them.

UNICUS: Do you think they were all men?

JESSICA: I think there were men and women, I didn't see any children.

UNICUS: I know you care about the homeless people here on Earth, do you think ETs have homeless people where they live?

JESSICA: No, I think that on their planet it is better than ours, because we are so greedy. We should be more helpful to people living in the street. We buy things and don't even use them much and then just throw them away.

UNICUS: Do you think that someday we will stop being so greedy?

JESSICA: Well, if people start speaking up about it, someday it will change.

Even as you read this story the contacts continue. It is very possible that the little girl that filled Jessica's heart with emotional feelings is really her ET half-sister. One can only imagine the family holiday reunions the future generations of Earth can expect. This is not the only case of this nature, and as more courageous people decide to share their pieces of the puzzle we will bring them to you.

Lisa-Elizabeth Berg is a gifted intuitive, artist, writer and ideas consultant. She currently resides in Jonestown, Texas.

Excerpted from UNICUS Issue #5 | E-mail us your comments

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