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My independent investigation of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over Washington, D.C., began in the spring of 2005 when I received an amazing UFO report that included photographs of what appeared to be alien spacecraft swarming over and landing on the U.S. Capitol at night, on July 16, 2002. After using an independent film lab to verify that the 35mm photographic negatives were authentic, I began collecting all the facts surrounding the bizarre events of that night. Then, I wrote an article that was published internationally which included the DC UFO photos.

Unfortunately, my report was met with skepticism and disbelief. However, a few days after the article and photos were published in July of 2005, a dark, unmarked, military helicopter showed up and hovered very low over my home in Los Angeles for a few minutes which I photographed. That was my first wake-up call. Although it was unintentional, I had clearly gotten someone's attention in the U.S. government.

In retrospect, I probably should have just dropped the entire matter. However, I was intrigued and felt there was something more to the DC UFO story. What I found shocked and disturbed me. After only a few months of research, I had collected over 100 reports of UFO and alien activity in DC. In less than a year, my collection of DC UFO reports grew to more than 200 eye-witness accounts. I analyzed these reports and decided to publish a book. I simply couldn't understand how or why this story was being overlooked by the media and by UFO researchers. I felt that someone had to inform the public about what was going on in DC.

In the fall of 2006, I published my first book on this extremely-sensitive subject entitled Close Encounters on Capitol Hill. The book immediately gained the attention of print and radio media. Apparently, it was too much attention, because right after I appeared on the late night talk show Coast to Coast, in December of 2006, my web site was hacked, and the DC UFO photos were taken down. The web-hosting technicians at the company I was using were locked out of their own server; something they had never experienced before. No matter what we tried, neither they nor I could access my web site files to effect repairs. After many hours of sheer frustration, I realized I had to move my web site to another web-hosting company. That was my second wake-up call, and I started thinking about giving up. However, after some serious soul searching, I realized I was not violating any laws and felt there was a strong possibility that if I did not report this story no one else would.

At that point, I increased my efforts to publicize my work through radio interviews which reached quite a few people. Unfortunately, the television media appeared to be completely disinterested in this story and the photographs; a situation that continued even after the publication of my second book, in April of 2011, entitled Covert Encounters in Washington, D.C. As a result, the general public still does not understand the historic level of alien activity that has occurred in DC. Although it took me thousands of hours to collect and analyze, the data presented in this book, and on my web site, reveals the complete history of UFOs in the District of Columbia. I realize it is highly controversial, but the data I have acquired has major implications for the human race.

The historical events reported here, and the photographic evidence on my web site, provide proof that we are not alone in the Universe and never have been. In fact, my investigation indicates we can no longer afford to accept the lies and obfuscation that the government-media complex has offered us regarding the covert activity of aliens in Washington, D.C. It is evident from the tens of thousands of reported cases world-wide that UFOs and their occupants are here to stay.

Strange as it may sound, there are some residents in the DC area that firmly believe there is a UFO base located underground in their neighborhood. According to public documents, there are more than 90 known underground military/government bases surrounding DC. Allegedly, these facilities are connected by high-speed rail systems and are extremely well guarded. A retired U.S. brigadier general has publicly stated that he believes one of these underground facilities near DC is actively tracking the movements of UFOs. Although UFOs have been seen regularly around the world, the occupants of these space craft are extremely interested in the capital of the United States and the District of Columbia.

Just how often UFOs have visited Washington, D.C., is a question that took me six years to answer. The initial findings of my DC UFO investigation, published in Close Encounters on Capitol Hill, were compiled from the spring of 2005 to the fall of 2006. That data indicated there were more than 200 reported UFO incursions of DC in 156 years. This was far more covert UFO incursions of DC than anyone had ever realized. However, the total amount of data I diligently gathered and analyzed from the spring of 2005 to the spring of 2011 indicated that there had been more than 900 reported UFO and or ET sightings in DC in the past 160 years!

It is important to mention that the majority of these UFO visitations were reported in the past 62 years. But, most of the UFO reports from around the world did not begin growing in significant numbers until 1948. Therefore, UFOs may have always visited earth as often as they are now doing, but our ancestors simply didn't report it. And even when they did report a UFO back then it was usually described as an "air ship," a "ball of fire," or a "ghost light."

For the record, the District of Columbia is a diamond-shaped area 10 miles on each side that was surveyed and marked with 40 standing stones in 1792. It is bordered by Alexandria in the south; Falls Church in the west; Silver Spring in the north and Capitol Heights in the east. The capital city of Washington is located directly in the center of the District of Columbia. While being interviewed by Fox News, Dr. Steven Greer (who heads the Disclosure Project) stated that classified government documents indicate there were over 2,000 UFO incursions of the DC area in the summer of 1952 alone! Unfortunately, Dr. Greer declined to share that data with me. However, as indicated by the statistical charts located at the back of this book, we know that 1952 had 87 UFO reports and the decade of the 1950s had more than 200 UFO sightings in DC. That level of UFO activity in DC was not seen again and surpassed until the first decade of the 21st century (2000 - 2010).

During my research, I was quite surprised to discover that statistically Washington, D.C., has had more UFO sightings per square mile than any other location on earth. It is a matter of public record that UFOs have been sighted around the world throughout modern and ancient history. However, there are some people that insist UFOs are simply secret military projects. Although some modern UFOs may actually be covert military aircraft clearly not all are. Furthermore, it makes no sense that anyone, especially the U.S. military, would repeatedly fly top secret, advanced, exotic spacecraft over Washington, D.C.

Here is the current list of official explanations for UFOs over DC:

Temperature Inversion Layers

Weather Balloons

Ball Lightning

Lens Flares

Swamp Gas






I fully recognize that discussing UFOs is still considered crazy by some, but it is a well-known fact that perfectly sane people from all walks of life have reported seeing UFOs including former U.S. presidents Reagan and Carter. There are also credible eye-witness reports from astronauts, airline pilots, military personnel, radar operators, police officers and physicists. I can appreciate the difficult position the U.S. government finds itself in regarding UFOs and ETs.

I realize that some of the occupants of UFOs are hostile while others are not. Some of these aliens are either physically human or are capable of taking human form using highly evolved DNA or advanced technology. Some aliens are humanoids that look and act quite differently than earthlings. Responsibly informing the people of earth about this situation is a difficult, but ultimately necessary task. To call this pending revelation "disclosure" is a bit misleading.

When the governments of earth finally admit we are not alone, it will truly be the dawning of a new age, and a new public perspective, that will affirm the existence of extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional entities. I include extra-dimensional beings, because many of the UFO reports in this book describe a glowing ball of light moving on its own power in an intelligent manner.

Throughout history, there are reports of people encountering a ball of light that somehow transforms into a human figure which delivers a message or some assistance and then transforms back into a ball of light. This may be an advanced alien technology, or it could be a higher life form from another dimension visiting us from the greater reality: what quantum physics calls the Zero Point Field. Either way, intelligent life is involved during these interactions with humans. Please keep that in mind when reading the following fascinating reports of UFOs in DC.


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