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(updated 9/21/2016)


UNICUS article on UFOs over Malibu

Exopolitics interview re. UFOs over Malibu

UFO Photographed over Manhattan Beach

Are Human Aliens Already Living on Earth?

The Contollers vs. The Creators

The Contollers Technology

Close Encounters in Columbia

Alien Revelations from the Russian Government?

The Gensis for a New Space Age

The Future of Fusion

Results of Global Poll re. Contact with ETs

The Book of Aquarius

The Enlightenment

Open Your Eyes to 2012 and Beyond

UFOs over London: VIDEO + ARTICLE

Huge Changes Underway in our Solar System


Atlantis Found in Spain?

Underground UFO base in Peru?

Huge Ancient Astronomical Observatory in Peru

Japanese Robot Suit

EMP Weapon

CERN may become a Time Portal

Steven Hawking Predicts Time Travel will Happen

Scientist have been working on Time-Travel Tech. since the 1990s

NASA Searches for Life

Hunting for ET

Global Business Leaders Discuss UFOs and ETs

Are Aliens Really the Work of the Devil?

New Religion based on Astrophysics and Aliens?

Supernova Could Appear in our Skies

Human's Space Trash is a Big Problem

Japan's Plan to Deal With Space Junk

NASA's Plan to Deal With Space Junk

Locheed's Contract to Deal With Space Junk

Large Lava Tube on the Moon

NASA to look inside Moon with Tech.

Other Large Lunar Holes

Theories on the Origin of the Moon

Lunar X-Prize

Is the Asteroid Belt near Mars an Exploded Planet

Is their a large Brown Dwarf Orbiting in Our Solar System?

Was our Solar System Originally Part of a Dwarf Galaxy

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US Govt. Hearings on Effects of Solar Flare Damage on Civilization

NASA Studies Negative Effects of Magnetic Shift on Society

NASA says its time to Prepare for loss of Power and Comm.

NASA discovers Anti-matter in Earth's Atmosphere

Earth Would be Easily Detected by AlienTelescopes

Evidence that Meteors Brought DNA to Earth

Laser Can be Used as a Tractor Beam

British Scientists Looking for Signs of Life Among the Stars

British Royal Society Paper re. First Contact with Aliens

NASA Discovers at least 50 Percent of Stars have Planets

Where will mankind live after leaving Earth?

U.S. Military wants new Rules in Space

Man Teaches People how to Become Magnetic

Digital Physics

Pulp Addiction


Robotics in Review

Lost City of Atlantis Found?

Cyborg Humans?

NASA's Android

World's Oldest Spark Plug?

Spirtuality & Science

Superconductive Fluids in Space

Politics of the Mars Mission

NASA & The Mars Observer

Nuclear Waste Nuetralization

Optical Stealth Technology is Coming

Boy Hit by Micro Metorite Survives

Some Chinese Feel that ETs are Already Living Among us

NASA says Human Space Travel Must be Privately Funded

400 People Vounteer to go to Mars on a one-way trip

NASA Searching for other Earths

Humans may not Procreate well in Space

Designs for Interstellar Space Ship

America's Commercial Space Port

Crystal Skull found in Germany

Possible Meteor Impact on Earth in 2036

Automated Camera Arrays to Track Meteors

Chile Earthquake Speeds up Earth's Rotation

Japan Earthquake Speeds up Earth's Rotation

Gamma Rays, Consciousness & the Universe

Are ETs Mining Asteroids?

Artificial Telepathy?

President Reagan's Close Encounter

Black Hole Consumes Star

Earth's New Companion

Modern Astro-Artchitecture

Japan's Nuclear Weapons?

UFOs Seen Over Japan Before and After Quake

Allegedly, benevolent aliens have been warning us since the 1950s not to use nuclear power or nuclear weapons. Clearly, we have not listened and are about to pay the ultimate price. During the next Coronal Mass Ejection, and ensuing EM, that hits Earth the power grid will go down in many areas. This will directly impact the electrical systems in nuclear power plants. With the power cut to the cooling pumps, most if not all the world's nuclear power plants will melt down.

Mind Control in the U.S.A

Vatican Conference on ET Life

Mega-civilzation of the Future?

Artificial Intelligence on Earth

Is America Addicted to War?

The Meaning of the Washington, D.C.'s Geometry

Satanic Underground Of Washington, D.C.

Rome Conference on Satanism

City of Soddom Destroyed by a Meteorite?

Vortex of Death from the Sun?

Water-Powered Space Ship to Mars?

Are We Originally from Mars?

Confessions of a Global Economic Hit Man

12-Year-Old Boy Genius Contemplates Cosmology


Strange Explosion in Space

New Telescope Could see Aliens on Mars

UFO over District of Columbia Chased by Military Jets

FBI Investigation of Mutilated Cattle Spooks White House

New Way to Detect Distant Planets

Strange Radio Signals from Saturn

Russian Plans to Build a Moon Base

Can ETs Live Inside a Black Hole?

Holy Lance of the Crucifixion Re-Discovered?

FBI Utah UFO Documents From 1949

FBI UFO Documents From 1950 re. Crash Retrieval

Are ETs Mining Asteroids?

White House Birth PDF Proven to be a Fake

Another UFO Chase by Military in Washington, D.C.

New Telescope Could see Aliens on Mars and Moon

Demonic/Alien Possesion

Baptize ET?

JFK Demanded to see UFO Documents

Where are all the ETs?

"Earther's" Claim President Obama is an Alien

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Alien Clone Farm on Earth

UFO Motel Coming to California

Could we Survive a Real Battle for LA?

Have Black Holes Wiped Out Alien Life?

4th Dimension May be Opening on Earth Soon

Professor Calls for Congressional UFO Hearings

Shape Shifting Creature Encountered in South Africa

Ancient Alien Megalithic Postal Code in Britian?

Magnetic Properties of Light Discovered

Time Magazine: Preparing for First Contact

U.S. Phycisits call for ET Communication Protocol

The Multiverse we live in is Alive and Growing

SETI to Shut Down Radio Telescope Array

The Sun is Emitting new Mutating Energy

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Machines Could Achieve Human-Level Intelligence Soon

Wall Street Journal Report on UFOs

UFO Videotaped over Royal Wedding?

Bin Laden Files

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Sorcery in Iran

Large Asteroid Passing Near Earth

Comet Elenin

(something wicked this way comes)

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Wall Street Journal: ETs in Asia

SETI Seth Speaks About Aliens

(if Seth read my books about aliens he would change his mind and his underwear)

42 Radio Telescopes Searching for ET Signals

Japan's Plans for Lunar Power Ring

U.S. Killing its Space Program?

Can We Measure ETs IQ?

3,000 Year Old City Under the Sand Discovered by Satellite

New Information on Obama's Fake Birth Certificate in Hawaii

Evidence of the Earth's First ET Temple?

Dangerous Dog-Like Creatures in Vietnam?

Stunning Images of Energy Jets Coming From Black Holes

Former Canadian Official Blasts US for UFO Secrecy

The Pope Blesses US Astronauts in Space

Funkadelik UFO to Land in DC

Woman Arrested for Selling NASA moon rocks

New Physics or New Hoax

Breakthrough Medical Gel Injection Rebuilds Spinal Discs

Stephen Hawking Claims there is no Heaven

Boy Argues That he has Been to Heaven and Back

New Beer Formula for Outer Space Tourism

Mind-Reading Technology is Near

Wandering Worlds/Stars are Quite Common

Planet 20 Light-Years Away Could Harbor Life

Are Malevolent ETs Living Covertly on (or in) the Earth?

NASA's Plan to Send a Boat to Jupiter's moon Titan

Hydrogen Blanket may Increase odds of ET Life in Space

Planet Discovered Orbiting the Wrong Way

Larger "Twin" Galaxy of the Milky Way Discovered

Scientists Create and Study Antimatter for over 16 Minutes

DNA-Based Computers are Coming

Scientists Bend the Rules of Quantum Mechanics

Scientists Create an Artificial Rat Brain

Bilderberg 2011 Agenda Exposed

Why do People Believe in a Global Cabal?

Most Pakistanis do not Believe Bin Laden was Killed in U.S. Raid

Australia's UFO Files Dissapear

Are Evil Aliens Manipulating Mankind?

Is Satan an Evil Alien?

New E-Coli is Militarized With Plauge DNA

Does the Weather Play a Role in Spreading the Plauge?

Donald Trump Finally Address Obama's Fake Birth Certificate

Charges Filed With FBI over Obama's Fake Birth Certificate

Evidence of an Ancient Explosion in the Great Pyramid

Is Hollywood Preparing us for the Coming Superhuman Species?

Worms Living one Mile Below Surface of Earth

Bermuda Triangle - Devils Sea - Michigan Triangle

Increased Radiation When Flying Over the Poles is Health Hazard

Anti-Ageing Serum for Sale?

Optical Stealth, Space/Time Warping Technology

Another Face on Mars

Another Lizard Man Attack on Parked Car?

End of America's Manned Space Program?

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NASA Astronaut Asks Who Built the Monument on the Moon?

NASA Astronaut Says ETs are Here But Just Passing Through

NASA Claims Humans May Be ETs

Pentagon to Build Supersoldiers?

Satellite Recovery Ship to Collect Space Junk

Fringe Science and UFO Disclosure

Evidence of Life on Mars?

Earth is Entering the Photon Zone

The Photon Zone may Cause the Ascension

Ascension to the 5th Dimension?

Video About the Ascension

Historic Military Film of Captured Alien?

US Marine Corps in Space?

US Military Telepathic Soldiers?

Is This Our Ride to Mars?

Ongoing Roswell UFO Crash Coverup

Roswell Debris Discoverd to be Alien

Are There Parallel Universes?


I recently watched a movie called Exorcist: the beginning. It tells how an evil, fallen angel landed on earth in Kenya. An underground temple/base was constructed there for this entity I found it fascinating that the Vatican is in the middle of this demonic drama.

Here is a related story of something falling from space to Earth In Kenya.


Planet of the Apes: Is it Possible?

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Washington Insider Interview re. UFO Coverup

Interview With Robert Stanley re. Contact With Good ETs

Global Shifting of the Earth's Magnetic Poles?

BBC Reporter had Close Encounter

Another UK UFO Report

Did a UFO Land at a Military Base in the UK?


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